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Originally Posted by longhorn View Post
Ive never experienced herms this way. However, if you start using coco instead of dirt you can pretty much eliminate cutting the rootball. Ive had plants in that size pot for months (actually shorter). Its just important to use enzymes and water more frequently and to cut some of the roots that start shooting out of the drainage holes.
Perhaps coco is a better medium than a good organic worm casting based soil, I do not know, as I have never used pure coco as a medium.

However as good as it may be, I cannot see it eliminating the need to prune back the rootball every 2 to 3 months.

It is possible to keep bonsai mothers healthy in two inch containers for several years at a time(although I reccomend replacing them annually for good measure), all the while harvesting up to 10 or more clones every 2-3 months, but the rootball must be pruned regularly in the manner specified or it simply will not work.

You cannot get that healthy spurt of new branch growth, over and over again, unless you cut the rootball on schedule.

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