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Hi Pepper and Zigger, you are welcome, thanks to all for the insightful comments.

Originally Posted by crazyhigh View Post
hi there
joshuahazen do u think its a bad thing to put the bonsai moms pot to pot without any space between the pots (like a sog) or do you recommend to give them slightly more space?

Do u use 18/6 or 24/0 for your moms?

great report man but i would have made 3 or 4 main stems for each mom
Well if you are cramped for space you can put them pot to pot just fine, but you will need to keep them clean, and make sure you remove dead and dying leaves promptly.

If you have the space of course they prefer not to be touching each other, but pot to pot works just fine if you need to utilize all space available.

Generally it depends, I use 24 if I am keeping them with seedlings or regenerating(reveging) plants, or making clones. But if they are all by themselves for use as mothers only, they can be kept on 18 no problem.

Hi Friends,
Check it out:
The Bonsai Sultan Method: Typological Breeding for the Non Breeder, Beginner, or Pro with Little Space.
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