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Default Neanderthal

I got a good laugh from the let's bring back the Neanderthal post by Brock1.

I really liked the post that quoted the aricle from Shanti and his inbreeding program and that is the type of thing we need more of in this thread along with more of Nevil's experience.

Can we try to spread some more information on the simpler aspects of breeding that will be more useful to the small time breeder who isn't trying to be responsible for saving the world's gene pool.

For example, say I have a really good clone which I think is almost perfect but maybe the growth structure and yield could be improved. I would also like to make this into an IBL so that the genetics will be stabilized so that it will be easier to reproduce from storage from seed and to use in breeding in the future. Since it is a clone only hybrid I must find a male from another source. Would it be better to use an IBL to find a male if I want to eventually make this into a line that will make consistent seeds within as few generations as possible. Would the IBL's consistency help me to stabilize my mother genotype? Then exactly who should I cross the F1s to first? To each other first or back to the original mother P1 first? It would seem to me to go back to the mom right away to keep her traits dominant but am I wrong? Exactly how many times should I cross what to what? I guess maybe it depends on what I get from offspring in relation to my goal but I'm not sure exaclty which backcrosses will be more detrimental when trying to avoid inbreeding depression. I can read from the article from Shanti on inbreeding the way he likes to do it but I am sure there are other methods and simple rules to follow.
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