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one thing ive not seen in other sites where i have read about bonsai moms is reliability of the clones to not hermie

has anyone actually grown out clones from a bonsai mom ? and if so did the clones hermie ? it seems like way too much stress on the mother plant , to me it seems fine for a house plant but for canabis it seems way too stressfull

for 20 or 30 years or more we have been told not to over prune a plant or we will stress it out bad , so this is why i ask if anyone has used this method and were the clones ok ?

i only ask because im curious , not because i want to try it , i have lotsa head space so my 7 foot mom wouldnt take anymore floor space then the required bonsai moms id need to produce enough clones , my last 7 foot mom wouldnt look different after taking 200 clones , could have double or tripled those numbers and hardly noticed it lol

great idea this bonsai for those with highth restrictions though i got to admit that


I do this all the time. I think it's a great way to test a plant as Josh said. If it herms from cutting football and chopping down it's an easy cull. I've never had a clone herm and not the mother when doing this.
Best practice with using this is to take cuttings when plant is healthy.
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