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Resinbud: This is one of my favorite threads on this forum! You're growing an awesome strain and have beautiful plant shots... and then you throw in gorgeous shots of wildlife as an added bonus.. beautiful!

My friend lives in Hawaii. He is growing White Widow and some other strain. He tells me that if you don't let a plant veg under lights, you will end up with just a little bud because the light cycles are close to 12/12 in his area. He unfortunately doesn't have anywhere to grow plants indoors as he is roughing it on small plantation that he rents. I was figuring that maybe a more a sativa-dom plant could get much larger before it would flower and he could get a decent yield off of something like Neville's haze.

I didn't notice in your posts...but did you veg under lights and put the plants outside once they reached a certain height?

I want to know so I can suggest to my friend a strain that he might be able to have more luck with in the tropics.

Once again, thanks for an awesome thread!
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