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I live in the United States Coop, and not a cannabis friendly state either. There for, I value my annonomity and freedom. Clearly, you would like to see me lose both? Well you did threaten to post my and hempys personal information didnt you? Information you got from Elmer Bud.
Well the best advice for you then is to shut the fuck up and go back underground.

You ask for the target on your head, you should be glad everyone thinks your a looney toon and no one does any real research on you.

get the copy and pasta of where i threatened you fools.

I said i can lay out some shit. You take that as i have your personal information. If i had your info I'd show up at your door and give you a real piece of my mind. Thats no threat of physical violence either, but in your twisted fucking head you will take it like that,

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