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The only other questions i have is what did you or do you sell?

If you had even the slightest clue, or history at this website, you would know Ive not ever sold a thing in a decade plus at these forums. I do not work for MNS, or anyone else for that matter. Ive never made a dime for anything Ive did at these forums.

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Come out of the closet if you want and write a real article with your real name, use real facts too, and talk to a real lawyer before you write them.

I live in the United States Coop, and not a cannabis friendly state either. There for, I value my annonomity and freedom. Clearly, you would like to see me lose both? Well you did threaten to post my and hempys personal information didnt you? Information you got from Elmer Bud.

And I see you're harassing and trolling us now, after pulling that stunt. Making threats, wanting peoples names exposed...

Seriously, why are you guys even still here? I would have hit the road long ago if I was guilty of the bullshit you cats are.

you think your the boogieman.
lol. Ouch.
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