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Default Horton calls who a fool?

tell me this slueth

what type of contact have i had with shempy?

None, what type of personal info do i have on him other then he's a mental midget in bum fuck Australia who may be almost 70 years old but carries on like a 12 year old girl?

The only other questions i have is what did you or do you sell?

See JessE everyone's tired of you. Come out of the closet if you want and write a real article with your real name, use real facts too, and talk to a real lawyer before you write them.

what playing field are you trying to level here?
the ones the kids play baseball on, or cricket for my chaps or mates overseas.
Your trying to do nothing but propagate pure insanity and bullshit.

I believe in science, you think your the boogieman.
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