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Hey Aldous..

Yup its the Miracle Gro one. I was also a bit put off at first but after a lot of reading on the Royal Horticultural Society Forums I found that there are no chemicals in there what so ever. It is 100% organic and chemical free so good stuff to use. Its also slow release so you don't have to add it that often. I add it twice in an entire grow cycle. once at the end of week 1 and then about week 5

I tell you what else is excelent stuff, Is "Rootgrow Rootfood" like in the pic attached. Add it when you first 'pot on' - Sprinkle half a teaspoon in the hole and pop in your plant.. It really does seem to make the plants healthier and the root system goes BIG!!

This is the first time I am using the Philips Greenpower bulbs. They are meant to last about 8 months. When I was using grolux ones, I was swapping them after every grow till someone told me they use them for two or so grows so I did the same and didn't really notice any difference..

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