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Were 1 week into 12/12 and the plants are looking good.

I have still not added any nutrients to the water apart from a small dose of Molasses. They have been fed twice during the week and are taking about 2L per 10L pot.

On Friday I added 1 scoop of Organic Choice Bloom Booster to the tops of each pot. This stuff is a slow release type of granule. The reason I add it now is week two is usually when the plants start going through some changes and this is when some Mg Defs can occur. The Bloom Booster has added Mg so its a perfect preventative. Some info below

With naturally sourced sulphate of potash for stronger and more vibrant flowers 100% chemical free, with 100% naturally occurring materials With magnesium for healthier greener leaves NPK 0-0-30 + 10% MgO Suitable for use
I am still pushing a really high humidity. The plants seem to like it nice and humid at this stage.

RH Lights off 80%
RH Lights on 65%
Temps Lights off 18-19C
Temps Lights on 26-27C

Doobz does Nordle In Soil
Doobz does Nordle In Hydro

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