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Originally Posted by jondojoando View Post
Hey all , EB, Doobz.. it the smell as strong as some say? yes i know carbon filters and vac sealed bags... but end users don't have these... cheers guys. . .. jj
Hiya bro.. Its not the stinkiest weed I have grown. Its a very fruity kinda thing..

Originally Posted by Dawn View Post
Hey Doobz, I really like the look of these plants. I have a couple of Mango that have a similar look and they are my favorite. I think it is the skunk in it that makes it look so good but not sure.
Not sure too. The Mr.Nice Genetics are of a good pedigree so they do seem to look more healthy then some other strains

Originally Posted by MisterX View Post
Looking nice Doobz, i read your original thread and Nordle is on my to grow list too, i understand that this is the MNS original super skunk line?
good luck with your grow! keep it green MNS people
Yea mate.. This cutting is the Original Nordle that shanti made a few years back. Original super skunk recipe I think he mentioned..
Doobz does Nordle In Soil
Doobz does Nordle In Hydro

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