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Thumbs up Back to the Roots - Nordle in Soil May 2011

Right. Time to crack on with this..

Before I went away I was faced with a slight problem. I had to decide what to do about growing when I got back. I decided that if I potted some rooted clones the day before I went away and gave them a good watering that they would be nice and healthy when I got back..

I was right. I was told that the weather prior to last wed has been very good and my wifes sister even popped round and gave the babies some water and checked on our bugs.

I was really surprised when I got back to find my plants in such good health. I potted them into 11L pots as they were almost root-bound in their 4.5L's - Next step was let them fill out a bit in their new pots and then into the flower room under a 600w MH where they have been since Wednesday. The light cycle had been 18/6 and then I hit them with 24 hours darknes and into 12/12 as of this evening.

They have been potted in Bio-Biz All Mix and I will be using Bio-Biz Nutes as I have 5L of Grow and Bloom from my soil growing days.

So in the flower room we have the temps set for 18C Min and 28C Max
Room Humidity will be controlled by a small Humidifier that you can see in the first pic. I have that set to keep it at a nice constant 75% at this early stage and I will reduce it once the buds start forming.

I have a few things I will be testing out like Neem oil and some custom made tea's that I have messed about with before. I guess you could say this grow will be 100% organic but you never know..

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