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Originally Posted by Kangativa View Post
I think hybrid vigour occurs a lot less these days due to the fact that a lot of strains have a common parent some where in the breeding.
In the old days we saw it more often because we were crossing pure Sativas with pure Indicas.
This makes sense to me. Thanks Kanga.

Originally Posted by pepel29 View Post
If you're only looking at a couple of traits to be combined these charts are OK but, IMHO, they over simplify the entire peocess.

Look at a chart that has several characteristics that are being searched for a personal "Holy Grail". Look at a chart that has included in it, Height, Branching, Flavor, Potency, Aroma & Medicinal effect. Every aspect that is being scrutinized will exponentially increase the amount of "phenotypes" that will be observed.

I don't wanna discourage anybody from making seeds either. I wanna emphasize the amount of variation a person should realistically expect from a batch of seeds.
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