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Well said JJ, I agree, the book is still unrivaled, and has given many a great understanding of the plant...around the globe. I have heard people say the book is flawed and not 100% factual and maybe its true, maybe its not, some things can be misinterpeted by the reader. Always been my bible tho. To me the cotydelons are embreotic leaves. they are there in the embryo. the next set is the first set formed on its own power. I beleive the cotydelon location also marks the apical meristem, so if severed below this point it will die. i have an O. haze x skunk#1 that is growing its top from this point next to the cotydelon. So maybe these things are yet to be fully defined.

As far as what yah der eh means, its just how alot of oldtimers in this region talk. Its a similar accent to canadians. It really doesnt mean a damn thing but yes or agreed.
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