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Originally Posted by Pepe Le Pew View Post
I had the impression beta is at the start of his project, I don't see any reference to any known/tested parents, quite the opposite really.


Not sure how you got on to F2's but beta's question was -

To which the short answer is no, far from it.
Ok, I see what you are saying. I agree with you, Generally, that you will get more uniformity from an F1 cross between 2 unrelated IBLs then you will from an F1 cross between unrelated polyhybrids; that is certain. But as far as vigor is concerned, that depends on the cross. The most vigorous plants I have ever seen came from an F1 cross between polyhybrids.

He said "If I find a great polyhybrid pheno" I am assuming that if he knows its great, its because he has in fact tested it.

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