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Old 11-13-2014, 05:25 PM
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Lightbulb Mother Trees

Anybody else watch the pbs film "what plants talk about"?

Watch What Plants Talk About Online | Video: Full Episode | Nature | PBS

They show that mother trees will specifically support their own personal seedlings by diverting resources via the mycorrhizal networks.

"My favorite part of the program was the segment (starting at minute 42) on the work of Professor Suzanne Simard and her research on Mother Trees in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Her work was published in the journal Nature, and focuses on the relationships of fungi with trees, and trees with each other and the larger forest community. She has found that trees use fungi—hairlike networks in the soil—not only as a way to get nutrients for themselves, but also as a way to shuttle nutrients to each other, particularly to young trees that need it most. She sees this as a way for the oldest, most mature and established lifeforms in the forest to help the younger, most vulnerable trees thrive.

Mothers taking care of their young."

another cool thing in video is how some plants can change their chemical signature and flower shape... depending on environmental conditions... just to attract a different pollinator.

It shows a caterpillar that munches on some trichomes.... 20 minutes later the caterpillar starts to smell.. which then attracts a predator to come and eat the caterpillar! Makes you wonder???

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