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Old 06-10-2014, 06:06 PM
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I want to emphasize, in case any of that came off wrong, that all of those opinions are based off of seeing some of the underside of the industry. I made a decision a couple years ago about what direction I would go with weed.

Breeding is ultimately my only real home in any 'commercial' aspect of weed farming. But, a breeding op ain't a small chunk to bite off in a lot of ways, including time. When I think about the kind of four year benchmarks I would want to achieve in the project, I think about things like having 4-6 well bred strains completed, having drawn from a pool that certainly included more than one male, and included plant numbers in the thousands for the number actually grown out in that time to achieve those few strains. And also utilizing the various lab testing procedures becoming more available in med states at points in the process.

So, I just have, by nature, a very different take on what breeding is, the direction it should go, etc.

And a lot of people dig this kind of stuff this guy and others are doing, clone only stuff, etc. I mentioned Reservoir Seeds as being an example of what I think wrong in the industry, but lot's of people paid big bucks and crashed servers with his seed drops and were sad to see him go.

To each their own.

I really don't want to come across as telling you I think it stupid to try his stuff, or anything like, that. A good lookin' man and a good lookin' lady will probably have a good lookin' kid, so you may try his stuff and really enjoy it and find a keeper you'll grow for years.

I've become one of those 'snooty weed elitists' in my grumpy 40's, lol. So, that's where my opinions come from. Sounds like your bro in Breck needs to scrounge up some of that dude's seeds for ya. Incidentally, I threw out a lot of Super Silver Haze into the Summit County (county Breckenridge is in) dispensary system in finished bud form a few years ago. That, some old Colorado Sour D and a Colorado AfghaniXBubblegum plant I had for years, I couldn't grow enough of for them.

I was running a 4000 Watt sealed and CO2'ed flower room, fed by about 1500 Watts in veg, out of my house, living at 10,000', that was setup before that big warehouse op with the mother room I showed. I would harvest a 4X4 E&F tray under a thowie every two weeks, or so, and could get 4-5 lbs./month pretty easily.
One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity, there ain't nothing can beat teamwork.

- Seldom Seen Smith

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Old 06-10-2014, 11:27 PM
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Your fine don't trip, I know the feeling of being mislead in this world weed/seed game or life in general. I am very fond of the of bag appeal and flavour of OG. Also I enjoy the bud structure and caylax (wrong spelling) size. Now I know alot of people will say oh it's not true breeding and such which is correct. But I proper breeding and stable genetics are awesome, but for this one strain I enjoy it didn't matter how I have to find it I just want to find the pheno that suits me best. Also I don't plan to ever release seeds or start any kind of seed company. But when it comes to all the other types of weed skunk, haze, Afghan I prefer to go with stable genetics from people like mns. So enough on all that. Let's get back to you and your garden
Find the peace...
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Old 06-11-2014, 02:17 AM
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Welcome to the board and looking forward to reading your posts. I'm not a big poster but I do like to read a lot and I do like this board since most of the posters are experienced growers unlike most of the other boards are. I tire greatly scanning through threads by newbies who act as though they don't even know what dirt is. Those threads are tiring. I enjoy the pics from experienced older posters like one guy named doublejj.

Personally I'm not an experienced inside grower but have been doing so for several years but really just use my inside rooms toget read for my gorilla grows. I have a greenhouse with around 150 plants in it right now and more plants here and their. But one thing I would like to comment on is breeding. I have purchased around 150 or more different strains that are in my fridge. I have done my own breedings as well and it has taken me years to dial in a plant to see what she will do under various circumstances.
I have a few MNS crosses with some old school Sativas that seem to be an interesting smoke. But I do understand you saying about having 70 strains in just 4 years time unless they had been working with them for many years prior and have a team of people working for them in greenhouses and warehouses.

I have thought about doing a 5 gallon bucket system in my greenhouse using just perlite as my medium and flowering outside in the sun. It seems to me that outside ganja is just better. Could be that I don't know what I'm doing on the inside or maybe growing in good soil taste better or maybe the sun adds to it? I have a relative that grows and I'll take a cutting off a plant the same time he does and mine will yield 3x or more and taste much much better. But I could be biased lol.
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Old 06-20-2014, 07:09 AM
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I am still embarrassed by how much the demise of OverGrow affected me. Truth be told, I still miss it.

Mid 40s hermit myself. As such, we have come to many of the same conclusions. I was involved in the "backpack a 1000g in the backdoor" days of the Cali scene. I was also involved in black market 10lb interstate sales arranged through the same clubs.

Actually refreshing to see someone mention environment. In my opinion, the only skill in growing is creating/maintaining an environment in correct ranges, and in handling/drying the finished flower. The plants grow the buds; that's what they do.

Anyway, just wanted to chime in to say I just read this thread from the beginning. Hopefully it gives you peace to know you are heard and that its not just you.
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Old 07-03-2014, 12:24 PM
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I'm liking this thread. You've come to the right place. Sensibility is appreciated here! You'll find a lot of like minded people who are fed up with bs & stupidity!
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Old 07-10-2014, 09:38 AM
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I'd love to hear more about how to properly keep mothers in compact spaces.
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Old 07-10-2014, 10:23 AM
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Use coco and CFL or T5 lights .

Coco allows for more roots to medium ratio before root binding . CFL and T5 / PLL have the blue spectrum to keep nodes tight and run cool so can be close to plant tops for less stretch .
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Old 08-12-2014, 10:11 PM
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love your work Pnut..look me up when u get up to the High Country..i'm posted up here..
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Old 08-13-2014, 12:29 AM
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Default On compact mother plants...


I always thought that the bonsai mothers method developed by OT1 was a really good system for holding mums for a long time. Check it out here.

Just trying to help,

phrank monklin

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Old 08-13-2014, 12:42 AM
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Join Date: Nov 2013
Location: The far side of hell, in a perpetual state of non-being
Posts: 679

Pnut, I have to say, I read your thread again & want to add its not just that pH chart thing that's full of shit, but over half of what the nute/soil companies shove down your throat. I came from many generations of dirt farmers from the Appalachian mountains. My daddy taught me to bud & graft fruit trees as a child. He did this when I was young because I could always grow anything. I acquired a bs in hort, early 70s & let me tell you, they taught a lot of bs. Worked in commercial nurseries/greenhouses (among anything else that caught my interest, like the dog show industry) & made most of my mistakes (that I learned from) on everything else before I had the chance to mutilate & murder the poor innocent cannabis plant. My biggest mistake with cannabis..... ah ha! Following the manufacturers recommended dosage of their nutes! Fox Farms ocean forest + their nutes at recommended strength= burnt plants! Don't get me wrong, that some of my fav (after pro-mix organic), but most companies selling nutes over do it. I'm 60 & have been growing mj for over 40 yrs. I'm pretty much a hermit & a jaded cynic myself. I don't post pics for the popo to use against me either, should that ever arise. Most of the members here are old growers from way back. I've said this before, here it is again.... you're in the right place with like minded people. We've all seen the hype & bs & are tired of it. My days of mass production are over with. I grow what I like, & may chuck a little pollen to make a cross here & there just because I feels like it would make something good, or sometime the cross was a necessity due to only getting one sex from a strain I like. Those who sell such seeds as a strain aren't breeders. Your right. It takes generations to stabilize an IBL. You're as likely to get something you like from bag seed. At least you've tried it & liked it. Could have been pollenated accidently by a strain other than the mother, who knows. But it will probably be as good or better than seeds from a fly by night. If you want to buy seeds for your breeding, buy from Shanti. You know his gear is stable & suitable for breeding. BTW.... anybody who's ever worked 'em will tell you, GREENHOUSES ROCK!
- Keep posting man, love what you're saying! Lost of wives tales need busting. I will mention 2 that are spot on though, willow water (& aspirin water, samething), salycilac acid (spelling) & grandmas old trick of using water house plants were rooted in as a rooting stimulant for both seeds & cuttings/sorry, clones. There's natural rooting hormones in that water produced by the rooting cut.
- Have a great grow. Looking forward to your next post!
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