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Eight months of smoking my ASH and U2 has changed my life. I hardly touch the GSC anymore. Hazes from now on.
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I’m hunting down those seeds you recommended. I’m going to order some direct from Shantibaba
Can you recommend any books?
If you want some time machine stuff where you'll get a nice harem of different meds, try the affy haze.
You can get a bespoke smoke.
Angel breath is another really good Joe for unique expressions.
It's fun to grow and get to know a bunch of ladies with unique personality.
Mango widow grows more India style, but it pretty knockout
Nev skunk is another good type.
If all of it clicks you get a tree that throws dense huge fruit that can weep resin and stink for miles. The eucalyptus terpes that show up make your heart skip ( his nordle pure and mango/noodle did miraculous stuff for me )
The grail throwing to Nevil haze and widow late types, could be beyond scary
Both r pretty trippy but if both clicked it may be some real roller coaster shit from high n happy to concentrated and insular and back up again. Probably stupefying if you enjoyed too much.
Hope you get some goodness.
I'd look at the hazeC ( not Nevil ) lines to use outside this year maybe.
You running down to the solstice.
Hey man.
If you want the haze it comes down to two things, I think.
It can be vigorous.
If you are confident to take her on or know you can tame her, then you can use nev haze or grail.
Also to consider the stone.
A lot of pure Nevil is too much for most smokers.
Also grail
It still be too potent and unnerving.
The mango lines r excellent for mood, and OK for small groups, but are a but too profound and introverted for larger groups.
The SSH is pretty social
Sane the haze/skunk lines.

The angel breath has excellent pheno and even Viagra and female baby maker chemo types.

Grow a couple.
Haze that suits me when I'm alone for hours isn't what most pal enjoy if it was a group

Good luck
In had 53 males to work with last year. I kept pollen from most, put it in test tubed, vac locked them, and put them into my seed pollen fridge. From Nevil, I grew NH 04 x Oax. I made several crosses with it. I did at least 50 crosses last year, and have 1' tall plants from those testers going now
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Merry Christmas to you & yours SB! Hope you are well. Been away for a bit, hope to be back soon.
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