Vacuum Seal on Jars

I have been storing in mason jars but never used a vacuum seal machine

Is It necessary for long term storage or will they be good without them

I would have to buy one


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I doubt you need a vacuum sealer.

True vacuum sealing is something one should avoid imho when dealing with cannabis.
I speak from experience...

Tried to seal the canna in a vacuum bag once and only once.
Vacuum means you get all the air out which means your buds will be squished to hell and back and you will be left with an incredibly dense brick of bud that looks like crap and is no fun to deal with. I don't even want to think about the amount of terpenes that got stock to the plastic bag ...

Jars are fine, even without a vacuum imho.

But if you insist on a vacuum seal, heed my advice and don't overdo it. just pull SOME of the air out.

I believe very few people vacuum seal their jars.

I personally don't even use jars but food-grade plastic containers. And I have stored my canna in there for a year without ill effects.
vacuuming in a jar will keep them from getting crushed.

i have both size attachments for vacuuming jars with a foodsaver.
i dont really use them, but i have and it works.
it is fun opening a jar and getting that nice whooosh of air entering.

The purpose is to remove the oxygen present in the air to prevent interaction/degradation.

sure the seals work well, but they hold that oxygen in unless you suck it out first.


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IMO, we burp the jars early in the cure because we WANT some O2 for decarboxylation. A little is what is trapped inside. More is not likely to pass the seal.

My bud doesn't get crushed inside my mason jars.


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Would it not make sense to vac seal in jars after the cure for long-term storage? I notice a big drop in quality with herb that's been in a jar for a year. It just gets bland, taste and effect.
yes, after its cured and doesnt need to be checked on anymore, put it in jars and seal them up.

burping the jars is for slow release of moisture.
you want as little decarboxylation as possible for smoked buds.
if you wanted your buds decarbed before smoking them, everyone would be cooking their buds before rolling a joint.
heat from smoking converts THCA to THC to get you high.
THC with heat can break down into CBN, which doesnt get you high.
how much and at what rate...?
so its better to convert as you consume than to risk degrading before you get to consume.


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Just my opinions y'all.

The masons work well for me.

Some of us no longer smoke either. I would if it still made my lungs happy. There are also a few studies about lost/incomplete decarboxylation with burning IIRC.

Really though, I go through it fast. And I do overkill in many other areas. LOL
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Every time I have used sealed jars my weed rotted on me. No matter how dry the stems were. I have talked to a lot of people that have had the same experience. I have stored weed in zip lock baggies for many years that never went bad on me. Dunno why that is, but that's my experience.


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I personally haven't tried mason jars yet because they are seethrough...

Sure you can put the stuff in a box/cabinet what have you but why not just use a container that blocks out light as well?
That's how I ended up with the food-grade plastic containers.
Can't really compare it to anything as of yet but have been satisfied with them so far...


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for the members of the Big Cola Clan ----- the gallon size Fido brand jars are awesome with clamp lids. throw in a boveda 62% FTW.
i'm smoking some jarred sativa ganja that's over a year old, definitely not bland in taste, smell or effect, or rotten.

I don't have any jarred skunky indicas that are that old though, I would like to see how they change over a year's time. I have a feeling that intense skunk terpenes burns off pretty fast.


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oh, and then just put the collection of jars into a rubber bin to keep them out of any damaging light.

Purple tinted jars are supposed to be great for long term storage, but good luck finding any.


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Every time I have used sealed jars my weed rotted on me. No matter how dry the stems were. I have talked to a lot of people that have had the same experience. I have stored weed in zip lock baggies for many years that never went bad on me. Dunno why that is, but that's my experience.
I've noticed that some of my stash gets a certain smell after a while that I'm afraid may be onset of rot. Noble rot perhaps? :D I threw away a couple Zs of Nevs Mango because the buds had visible mold fibers. It never happens to weed that I line dry during winter, so I should probably dry my herb better before I jar it. Vacuum bag sealer would work but mine crushes buds even at the low vac setting. Maybe I'll go back to ziplocks. Yet another retro element of that 70s weed I seek.


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After I fill my jars with fully cured buds,not packed,I put lid on loosely,run glass under hot tap water then tighten lid.
As jar cools down you will hear the lid pop and they are vacuumed sealed.
Surely you have seen someone canning up fruit or vegetables and they boil the jars and then tighten lid.As jar cools the metallic pop can be heard and they are sealed until you pry off lid.
I have used Mylar bags and seal them up on edges using a hot iron.
Ive cured in both jars and mylar bags because they can be reopened and sealed until its ready for final storage.
Now I store everything in larger mylar bags until I’m ready to use then it goes i jar for daily storage and use because they are smaller and easy to open and reseal to keep moisture constant.