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"That bicycle looks like a lightspeed ti- is it?"Mu

haha you are a funny guy, musashi! The cheapest Lightspeed Ti frame I see is 1,300 USD. Just a frame. No tire, wheels, handlebars, seat, pedals, gears, et. The bike in the picture is a Trek 7100 Multitrack 21-speed with a lightweight aluminum frame and some of the prettiest welds you've ever seen. I bought it 2nd hand in 2009 for 60 USD. It is my daily driver. Also running an old school late 70's Motobecane 10-speed. More fun to drive but the skinny tires don't like potholes or bumps. I also had a top of the line Fuji Road Touring bike but I sold it when I had moved to Montana to raise a crop of dental floss!

What bike are you running, musashi?



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Hey brah!

Not riding as much as I used to these days. My old road bike is a Trek 5500 carbon tricked out in Dura-Ace. My mountain bike is a ti bike I built out with XTR components. My fav mountain bike is a Chromoly Ibis Mojo in color Pond Scum, the last one built by Scot Nicol in that color before he sold the company. I have since turned it into a town cruiser. I also built that out in XTR. I used to wrench for my crew some years ago.

ibis.jpg ibis welds.jpg
Talk about welds, Scot was a master bike builder!



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I will agree with this.

However, in all fairness, I am not sure it is possible to compare the landraces I smoked in the 70's to the hybrids of the 90's to the strains of today. I have different knowledge and experience today than I did then. Also kind of judging on memory, and human memory has been proven to be quite faulty.

I remember once around '76 getting some 'Gold' that was sooo good. I decided to buy a bit and hopefully sell some and get some for free. Started out ok but then people started bringing it back and demanding their money back! WTF? The problem - they got too damn high and didn't like it. Thought maybe it was treated or something. Scared me a bit. I knew a scientist who said to send it to this lab and have it checked for insecticide, chemicals, etc. The report came back. Nothing but marijuana. To this day people still say that was the strongest pot they ever smoked. Even though they brought it back!

Would that pot seem that good today with the experience and knowledge of today? Compared to today's 26% THC strains? How do I compare things 50 years apart on only memory and old stories?

While I ponder this question I will take a hit of this Jack Herer Racing Fuel Plant and soon forget what the question was! :)

yeah man, I remember the Colombian Gold and Acapulco Gold from the 70's. It was much different without the couchlock. Mr. Nice brings back those good old days.


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"I wrote Neville and bought the Mazar I sharif from that add."

Hello BB!

I thought of you when I saw Mazar I sharif in the catalog. How did it grow for you? Didn't you send some seeds from Massachusetts to Neville?



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"yeah man, I remember the Colombian Gold and Acapulco Gold from the 70's. It was much different without the couchlock. Mr. Nice brings back those good old days."

Hello slabsofdank!

To me/u,s it seemed like the Gold's of the 70's gave you the most wonderful high. We always felt so a part of the universe and sooo happy! Maybe because when we weren't smoking Gold it was mexican brickweed or columbian dirtweed? haha
I would love to see how it would stack up against today's strains? Can't go by my memory. I don't even remember the name of the girl I met last night and she just left this morning! ;) Remember 40+ years ago? fuggedaboutit!

I ran into a lot of different Gold's in the 70's and most were really excellent. While Acapulco Gold certainly became the most well known, even legendary, I didn't think it was the best Gold, even at that time. What do you think?

"Mr. Nice brings back those good old days."

I have never grown any Mr. Nice. Still new to the site, I joined to get some Mr. Nice Seeds! :) I find this comment quite intriguing! I wanna grow some Mr. Nice! Can't wait til next year! Shhhh, don't let the girls on the deck hear that! ;)