Ultra sonic bubble hash?

Hi guys! I’m looking for a way to make bubble hash. I have been looking at portable/camping washing machines (300w+) between €40-80, but I have just seen an ultrasonic device on AliExpress (Kemei portable washing machine). You put it in your bucket and it generates ultra sonic waves to clean your clothes.

I’m guessing this could be used as an efficient trich extractor with ice water as opposed to purely mechanical agitation , with or without a pyramid bag, and the runoff water filtered through micron screens.

Has anyone tried out these units, or even regular portable machines for hash making?

unit is €15 btw
thanks! I was waiting for that name to show up! I have read a few of his hash threads with great interest.

really looking to build a mini extractor similar to the bubbleator!

taking notes on bobbers rig in case I suddenly scale up!