Thoughts on New Hood
Its the second one in that is both a tube and hood
I have been using the one posted below for over 4yrs now, the seal has been broken for the last two and I feel my exhaust could use a little extra pull hence hoping to switch to the light above and try to take advantage of the cooling of the tube yet the reflection and footprint from a hood. I really don't know if I should just spend the $150 again on the hood I've been using or try the one above to help more with air flow to keep temps just a little lower than usual. Thoughts everyone

High Yield Airoflow Reflector
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My experience with air cooled hoods (even the XXXL ones) is that you lose light from the glass.

The best hoods are parabolics where the bulb stays horizontal.

I had way more even growth with my parabolic in comparison to my block buster hood.

Definitely don't go cool tube over the one you have now and I wouldn't go with the one you have now over a parabolic.

Cool the room down; not the bulb.


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I think it comes down to personal preference.
It all depends on what works best in your space and what yor limiting factors are.
When compared to an open reflector Cooltubes definately lower the temperature of a space but they have the trade off of loosing light due to reflection off of the inner glass surface and loss due to transmission of the light through the glass. Also as a tube design they dont spread the light as efficiently as other reflector configurations.
If they work for you thats great but i agree that using an efficient reflector without glass and increasing the air exchange rate of the space is a better solution.
Directly ducting the heat from an open reflector is an excellent compromise.