Sterilizing the grow tent


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Gday! I'm about to begin my second season indoors, and I'm wondering about your favorite ways to prep your tents to be pest free. Mine was, the last time I used it, but it wasnt completely sealed over the summer. I'd rather not have to learn about getting rid of pests the hard way. Thanks in advance :cool:


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A sulfur bomb will do the trick hahaha. Seriously, a wipe down or easier, a spray down of bleach or H2O2 should do the trick. Use a shop vac to suck up the puddle.



I cleaned tents for years with Dettol but I noticed a residue build up on the reflective covering. I Couldn't remove it neither... It was mostly visible where the lights hits the walls the most ( I tought that the light has caused this because the lower half of the tent didn't had this nearly as much, the same as the highest part).I suggest that is you use this product you rinse it wel!

For now its a bleach solution of 5%.