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:) I am having a little bad luck with males in my Producer box grow so I popped 4 Shit beans about a week ago. They are in Perlite/Vermiculite Hempy buckets. One is a twin.I didn't notice it before it went in the rooter so I didnt have a chance to separate it if even possible. I am just going to see how it does I guess. they are going under the t5...
I will keep this thread updated every few days with pics.


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They were just purchased at auction. What is the difference between the old and new?
Shit is the same I think he's talking about the skunk shanti has if you check out shanti's visitor messages he mentions it nothing to do with the shit though.


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I have a set of twins. I screwed up and placed the seed in a plug before I realized it was a dub. Now I have two Shit seedlings coming out of the same pot. What to do? Will they be the same sex? Clones? Should I Force flower and clone so I can distinguish and seperate them? I never had to deal with this. I have had 4 come out of one seed once but I caught it before planting them and three were midgets , damped off and died. The one that lived sucked. Sour Bubble Boxed my ass. The one that grew had a flat stem and flowered like a palm tree .
Anyway, advice please.
thanks for any guidance


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"Sex is an inherited trait in Cannabis."
THE MARIJUANA GROWER'S GUIDE - Mel Frank and Ed Rosenthal

"Many factors contribute to determining the sexuality of a flowering Cannabis plant. Under average conditions with a normal inductive photoperiod, Cannabis will bloom and produce approximately equal numbers of pure staminate and pure pistillate plants with a few hermaphrodites (both sexes on the same plant). Under conditions of extreme stress, such as nutrient excess or deficiency, mutilation, and altered light cycles, populations have been shown to depart greatly from the expected one-to-one staminate to pistillate ratio."
Marijuana Botany - Robert Connell Clarke
So does that mean more males or more females?


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My plants are a little yellow. I need to up the feed some. One of them has one of those mutant twisty leaves at the top. I think I am going to have to top it at this young age.
The twins are in the same bucket. Not sure what to do with them yet. I gotta get these things dialed in feed wise.They have been neglected the past few days. I have been dealing with my shoulder and my wife's pain has been off the charts. These plants are important because I am hoping to find a good yielding pheno to use in the Producer with next run. The Shit sounds like it could be a good candidate for that box.
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I have been dealing with my shoulder and my wife's pain has been off the charts. These plants are important because I am hoping to find a good yielding pheno to fill the Producer with next run. The Shit sounds like it could be a good candidate for that box.
Best of luck as your family struggles with pain. Your homemade box looks good!

I'm no expert on feeding in the hempy buckets but worse case scenario you could ask the guys at the hydro store, lol. Hopefully someone here with chime in though.

As for the twin, I'd try to determine if one is a runt. I believe typically they will just fight for each other's space and nutrients until one becomes dominant. I think its best to kill the weaker one when it presents itself.


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Just so you know, I grew Shit last year and this spring. It was fantastic but I didn't keep it. Wish I would have but I had Critical Mass come so...
I did cross the male Shit to a female Haze I have. I had 4 females but 3 were stolen. The one I had left I harvested, she was totally awesome! Shit really helped not only the bulk but also the resin production. She smelled like pine and piss. I have it curing now and will try it soon. By all estimations it should be better than straight haze but we shall see.


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Good to see you Dawn! Thanks for the info. I don't have much room for breeding but you sparked my interest. I have 4 of Shantis strains going but need to keep my numbers low. I am in an illegal state. It is so ridiculous but a reality. My wife and I use this medicine to live through pain issues. Cloning becomes really challenging trying to stay under the figure. I agree. Shit would be a great parent considering the quick flowering time and good size buds. I am excited to see what I get so I can decide on a keeper for the BCnl Producer box that I have. So far the Medicine Man female I have looks like she could be a keeper. We will see.


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hi arpege, great work! really a nice and interesting grow you have here with the twins and the hempy buckets (never used them... just read some info here about it, really interesting...). i also have some shit, so i'm really curious to see how yours turn out... :D (ahah) ciao!

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nice shit plants I started out in a box grow room like that is yours vented good I had to run two vent fans to keep the heat down in mine and two circulated fans to mine was 4x4x8 then I invested in tents they are so much cooler and they have side windows to let air in but its all about your space my room worked good for 2 years then I aquired funds for tent used both the box and tent then aquired another tent so took down the box which I found it easier now with the tents cause they fold up and have a case to carry it in the box was a pain cause come time for people comeing by that weren't cool aka see it call the fuds people it was pain to unscrew it and take it all apart then there's hardy plank sitting there with box frame to try hide just a pain but you start out with what you can at the time but over the years if you want stay with it then its best treat yourself here in there get things as you go I lined every wall with mylar in my box it increased my yields a lot you can try that I noticed in the pictures your walls were just hardy plank before I bought mylar I painted mine flat white that works ok if you have budget thoughs side branches will bless you if there something to reflect light to them I learned that from only getting 3/4 oz to oz to reflecting with mylar and pulling 11/2-21/2 oz per plant no more thin popcorn buds on side branches golf ball dense buds they will bless you with just going off that picture you might have it allready and I just didn't see it just thought id share


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Haven't shown sex yet but should anytime now. I have three left and they look OK. They took a little beating from the frost. I now have temps stable in the mid 70s and they are responding nicely. Pics to come.


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Congrats! I know you'll be really happy in a month or so! Keep posting those pics! Nothing prettier than watching flowers grow! :) :) :)

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First MNS Strain I Grew; Outdoors !

I Really Enjoyed Growing My First Mr Nice Strain. It Was Very Forgiving
Next To MNS Ortega They're My Faveourite Outdoor Strain