SSH, Spice, Mango Haze, Early Skunk Haze, Early Queen x Afghan Haze - 2021


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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the positive vibes! Got a chance to take a hike this weekend. Weather has started to turn a little cool and me and the dog had a great time visiting the girls.

Here is kind of a group shot from the top of the plot. Awful crowded now, hardly enough room to walk between them. This is from way above looking down, trying to get them all in the shot.

I think the Spice #2 in the front of this pic is going to finish first. Just all around good looking plant and really in the best spot.

The Early Pearly Skunk Haze next to it looks to be not far behind and is looking to be a keeper. The smell she has is really unique to me. It is a 50% haze hybrid so can get a lot of different stuff from that and the Early Pearl might make it something that I'm just not really used to. No Skunk at all really that I smell so far. Pretty excited to see how she turns out.

The Mango is straight laughing at me, we've been dropping like 10 minutes of sunlight a day for a month and are at 12.5 hours of sunlight and 11.5 of night time and I think she still hasn't started flowering yet, really only pre-flowers showing. The solstice was 82 days ago! Every other plant out there flowered at around the same time like a month ago, along with pretty much every plant I've ever grown out here. I've never had a plant not really even show flowering this late. And I know that they take long to flower so that is contributing, but I grew this same clone in the tent with the rest and you could see it at least start to flower at the same time as the rest. Sad thing is it is really healthy a looks great! I'm done talking about her, though, will post her harvest shot in December. I knew she was a gamble =D

The Early Haze 4 you can see on the top right of this pic decided to off itself. On the real I think it has root rot or something, just all around general death and stems are showing dark discoloration like bruising. I feed pretty lightly and it has gotten the same as the rest so I don't think it has had anything to do with that. Could be a lot of stuff I guess, but going to let her finish since lower branches are still healthy. Honestly a little worried that a few of the plants might be showing early signs of this same issue, the soft darker brown/gray tissue on some stems and those same tops showing signs of strong nute deficiency/death while the rest of the plant is healthy as can be. I make the outdoor soil a little heavy since I can't water them, lots of compost/worm castings and soil from the spot. It is naturally pretty heavy clay soil here and it is something you have to worry about in soils like that that don't naturally drain all that well. Just have to give it up to nature now and see how it turns out.

The ones that fell over before are doing OK now, kind of. The Early Haze #3 that was taken out is a strange one, it's all propped back up but all it's branches are really thin and aren't even close to supporting their own weight, and they've hardly started budding. It's a big healthy looking plant, just really thin branches. The Spice #1 next to it that fell over is doing OK, but still worried that what I did won't be enough and it will fall back over, going to see if I can't add more support. The SSH in the middle of the group is doing alright, nothing special really, but you can still see strange leaf growth pattern I mentioned above where for most big fan leaves they are half discolored white and they claw in one direction.

This is the Early Haze #5, which is also looking like a keeper. She's got the structure I'm looking for, long skinny sativa buds, and is looking to finish on time. She is the only plant down there praying like this and you can tell she's just loving life.

I'm not even sure which one this is, I think it is also Early Haze 5, but I really liked this shot. It was about 8AM and we were all hanging out waking up in the middle of the woods,

Here is a shot of the lone Early Pearly Skunk x Haze #2 out in it's own spot. She got a really bad lean going on and cracked the main stalk. Found half of her on the ground. I did my best to keep her up. She ended up huge, really hit the flowering growth spurt right. She's pretty much on her own until harvest time, godspeed.

Still have a little less than 2 months to go, but things are getting spicy. Thanks for following along.


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What a great write-up. Thank you for that depth. I feel like I just took that walk through the woods with y’all. It’s been too long my friend.
Shame about the fungus/root fuckery, I always tend to forget about the war being waged underground that’s contributing to what I see up top. Glad it’s only effecting some of the patch(s).
Love that MH, I’ll come see you in Dec ;)


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So I unexpectedly got a chance to make rounds today. All the girls in the main plot are showing slight all around nute deficiency, nothing too drastic, but I haven't been able to feed them as much as I wanted. Have also determined that the hill their on is an issue, in that any thing I top dress with has been getting washed away. I really tried to work in the round today, but not much I can do, the hill is about 40 degrees and pretty steep. I usually top dress about every 2 weeks with dry organic nutes. They've all kind of stalled because we haven't had any rain in 2 weeks, either. I can't haul it, just need too much for them all. Even carrying pre-mixed nutes there is a little tricky because it's got to be pretty concentrated, but the soil is bone dry, so I can't really be putting anything too heavy on them right now. They'll be alright, but not as much attention as I'd like to be able to give them.

On the flip side, the surgery on the EPSxHaze #2 worked and she is looking lovely, slight P deficiency with purple showing in the flowers, but had bone meal on me since I knew she was going to need it and hoping that takes care of itself.

Until next time =D

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thought about water crystals? would involve an initial water hauling but could get you through dry spells in future.
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Hey All,

I've used water crystals in the past, but they are kind of meh. Not really sure if they really help all that much and are a mess to work with. Might need to revisit the idea for next year, though =D

Everything is moving along, just not really as fast as I'd like. None of them look close to finish and will all be pushing to the end.

Found this little dude having lunch, just let him do his thing. Pretty cool looking caterpillar, he had a heck of a walk to get this far up the plant and out on the top this flower, wonder what it is gonna turn into?

Here's a pic from the bottom of the spot looking up. Can only really see a few of them in the pic. The middle is 'Lil Droopy', Early Haze 3, the one that can't even come close to keep it's side branches up. The one on the right is Early Haze 5 that is probably looking the best of them all. Spice 1 is on the left and is pretty big. If you remember, the Spice 1 is the one that fell over a few weeks back and took out the Early Haze 3 with it, so I'm pretty happy with how they've both recovered and turned out.oct2_main_bottom_of_hill.jpg

Going to have to pray for good weather late in the season. Have at least 3 weeks until first chop as far as I can tell, which is pretty late for here. Only one that will obviously not finish is the Mango Haze, rest are going to be close or just a little early but still worth harvesting.

Thanks for following along, will catch you all later.
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Looks like a pretty steep hill! I just love the way marijuana looks growing in the wild! :love: Thanks, Rza!
Please do not let the caterpillar poop on your plant - it may help promote bud rot. Usually we pick the
caterpillar off and put it between 2 slices of bread. We pass it around and everyone takes a bite. Whoever
bites the caterpillar gets a 'free night night on the town'!



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Hi guys,

Just couldn't bring myself to move the caterpillar, growing in harmony with nature and all that =D

I am at 39N latitude, can't go much past November 1 unless super lucky.

Pretty good weather lately, still staying warm and not too wet but expecting some rain this weekend. Was able to visit the girls in the field and they are doing well. This is SSH, MH, and Early Haze. The SSH is real bushy and gonna be heavy yielder if the bud rot stays off her. The Mango Haze is a beautiful plant, just finished its flowering growth spurt, not going to finish and shades the SSH for a lot of the day so might take her down or attempt to move her indoors to a barn to try and finish. There is an Early Haze on the right and is looking lovely, perfect cross of haze and early finisher and should be done soon.

This is one of the branches of the Early Haze, perfect for outdoors around here, no mold issues, long skinny sativa buds that are going to finish on time.

Thanks for following along, will check in again on the solo Early Pearl Skunk Haze later today I hope.