slabs of dank 2021


MNS Hall of Fame was up with that video ?
I like all kinds of music. Did you know she was a Miss Belly Dancing champion?
My old man said to me one time that he didn't like my music. I told him he didn't have to listen.

I like everything from this

to this

It's so wet I didn't even have to water The Doors.


We've been so cloudy for the last few weeks some are flowering already.

Spice with the pink pistils.

This Spice here smells of the most uplifting tangerine. Tight hard buds.

Early Queen still don't smell much, kinda hashy with a slight skunk.


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I didn't say it was a bad song...just a strange video.
Like 2 people so displaced they made a video trying to relive the old days or sumpthin ?
I'm partial to very early this :)


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Wait a second...they have that much flower already? Will They re veg? canā€™t wait to see next weeks pictures. My guess is they will re veg and ā€˜self pruneā€™ and when second flowering happens late august you will have buds every where


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I've always preferred talent and skill over anything else when choosing whatever music to listen to.
Yes, the actual music is secondary to me.
THIS video is (to me) the penultimate of raw skill and sheer talent...and honestly the songs not bad either.
Full screen it and watch it all the way thru.
It's unbelievable to me that he never skips a single beat and there is not 1 single missed note...and the camera angles are perfect which is rare in it's self.
I can actually play this, but, I'm going to miss 3-4 notes, or I'm going to flub's just too much continual *flooring it* for me, I'm an old man, I get tired, even though I've played for the last 45-50 years or so.
Joe Satriani or Eddie VanHalen probably can't pull this off....seriously, it's just perfection and Eric Johnson probably himself cannot do it like this every time.
It was one of those days when everything was in it's correct order....know what I mean ?
BTW, that '59 Strat is pretty nice too....and very well worn.