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Does that mean youll be hunting out a new Mom?

I am going to crack some Sharkshock, and I have been mulling over the the idea of cracking some shit too. I have grown neither before.


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Now all the clone only hype has settled down time to go back to my roots
I had a great outdoor grow last season with shit...all fast growing and great yielding super strong plants with a range of smells from super stinky to fruity...
Great value for money...
Highly my book anyway.
....old is gold....


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I have been dreaming about Shit. I cannot wait until I can get ahold of some of these beans. I love this forum BTW. I had the cat shit weed 1 time a long time ago it was unbelievable gold color and stank so bad it was crazy. Blew me away as well. Good luck growing this shit . I will be checking in !