Shit - looking for a keeper and a nice male for some seeds


Where do we find a price list for the strains offered here? There are some real good lookin strains on the list, but I am fixed income, social security disability. I am lookin for the strongest couch lock highest THC to take care of a serious case of insomnia.

Thanks for any suggestions.



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Belated welcome to Libeccio and congrats on a successful run of shit. I had a nice 'sweet' pheno going indoors awhile back. Yours looked delicious! :cool:

mM. Welcome also! Look at the auctions linked at the top right of the webpage, and just as an example, check out attitude seedbank. They have MNS 15-packs ranging from $35 - $170 (USD + shipping) with most between $80-120, Shit was $53...


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Wide leaf holy grail hell skunk male

hi multistrain gardener, thanks a lot for your nice comment! :) as you, i love bushy plants and wide afganica leaves... :)

i am rubbing the stems of the 2 males i found among my shits... they are both quite smelly and the odour is similar...
the bigger male in the 2,7 L pot is healty and really vigorous, the rubbed stem smells of skunk (at first) plus pine and mint.
the other one, smaller in the 0,8 L pot, also smells skunky but a little more piney and minty plus something sweet in the back, berry-like, a feature his older brother doesn't have. with a microscope, i can see thricomes (mostly heads) on both.
so now i have a doubt, and could use some advices, also because this is the first time i keep males for controlled pollination. i don't need more than one shit male, and i was thinking to remove one of these 2. i was thinking to get rid of the bigger one (really a shame, it's a gorgeous plant), just because it's bigger and i always need space. they look and smell quite similar (apart from size). this way i can make room in the tent for one or two plants and keep the smaller male under cfl and in that 0,8 L pot until i let it flower in a separeted cab. do you think this makes sense? :)
i will give you some male pics next days. :) thanks for watching and reading, hasta pronto! ;) Lib. p.s. i'm already in love with the freak seedling with hairs! i have a nice feeling about it... :)
I have a skunk male with rare wide leaves for the strain. It is the best male i have ever seen ever i keep clones of it at all times and pollen.