Shit - Aquaponic Dual Root Zone


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What's up growers?!
This is my first time growing Shit. It is also my first try at Aquaponic Dual Root Zone growing. I have done other plants in aquaponics, but not fruiting plants.

All 8 seeds popped! Once I figure out how to edit my photos to the allowable size for the forum, I will post photos.


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Posting Imagez

Hi mr a206h I hope things are going well. I see you too are having issues uploading picturez.
Give this a shot. Go into your user control panel and create an album. You will firstly need to resize the pictures to 90kb or 600x600 as this is the max allowable file size. If you try to upload large high definition files without resizing it generally will not work. If you are using a phone you will need to keep the screen open whilst the pic uploads or you may have issues. Once the image is uploaded and it is in your album cut and paste the bb code, the whole complete code, that is displayed under the picture, into the post you wish to put the picture into. When you preview the post you should be able to see the picture. Hope this helps. It is the only way i have been able to upload pics. Other guys have had success with using external photo hosts. If you host them externally you can use better quality images but im not sure if the mods like this method. I hope this helps. If you have any issues just ask.
Good luck bro I look forward to seeing your shit šŸ˜†