Seeded haze


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Pure haze? I didn't think there were any pure hazes left?
Mega excited to see this progress.

The UK needs more haze lol I'm firing up some SSH soon.

Hi mate its tom hill haze, ive used 3 haze boys to 1 haze girl there the only plants i have of o haze so it seemed the obvious thing to do.


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Hey guys, nice one English!
Toms Haze is one of the best Hazes I have had the pleasure of toking on
I kept my selected mother for many years before I finally lost her.
Toms Haze produces some amazing specimens, however you have to grow out a good number to find the one
As Tom says, there is alot of hey in there, but when you find the one, you,LL know about it!
Unfortunately I have lost the line completely, I have tried to germ original seed with zero luck.
I have Toms Haze/ deep chunk F2,s, there are some excellent haze dominant specimens in there.
I'm saving them for some special haze work, the new grail offerings may be a candidate to do that work.
I'm looking for a good Authentic A5 hybrid to maybe work with, we will see.
Your a lucky man English, hope you find some gold in there mate!
Happy growing man
Hi mate these are new to me so exactly i don't know the flower time I would imagine they will take a while.
This girl is fully seeded so will be getting the chop when the seeds are ripe.;)View attachment 46330
Look forward to following your journey with the strain mate 😁
Hopefully you'll get to smoke some of the plant material when you take all those beautiful beans out 🤘



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Hey guys, yes he is alive
Why the rumour was made up I don't know, some sick idiot
It was all over Instagram, some big names were sending condolences
Glad he is alive 🙏