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~ 11 weeks

Thanks for stopping by, Mu and Fish!

Just a quick, pictureless update coming up on week 11. As nitrogen is reduced (feeding Jack's at 3-0.5-1 now), the lower fan leaves are yellowing and dropping off. Resin and aromas are now developing rapidly. Trichomes are all clear, of course, and I'm seeing good resin density in the buds. The branches I pollinated are heavy with seed and red pistils, while the unseeded buds are still pumping out pure white to cream colored pistils. Aromas are lovely, dominated by lime and more complex fragrances that I can't yet discern. The '78 CG has brought good things to this sativa hybrid; these plants have richer and more interesting fragrances than their punto rojo mother. Surprisingly, I have not yet seen a single male flower. Difficult to keep humidity down in my basement, but the PM has been mostly eliminated. Bigger dehumidifier arrives today, which should make it easier to keep humidity close to 50% and PM at bay.

Last night i snipped a couple calyxes from one of the plants, and smoked one puff this morning. Considering the small dose and that the herb I sampled is just a little more than half done, it had a very nice quality effect. Mellow yet energetic buzz, a little dreamy, with potential for a little trippiness down the road. No body to this high; it's all in the head. A while later I took one puff of some puntodorado male flower I had dried and the high went to the next level. I'm pretty confident this will be exceptional herb after harvest and a good cure. Now I just have to harness my xi and be patient as the colas swell for another 6-10 weeks.


Something that just slapped me around the ears....
I've got 2 different grows of the mid west ditch weed going right now, both outdoors in full sun...both in areas where it's hot as hell with blistering sun.
Both grows are very dense plants, no more than 1 inch between nodes, extremely bushy and very well branched, very strong stalks.
Absolutely full blooded sativa, very long slender leaves that have that appearance of stretching to spread open the fingers of the leaves....difficult to describe what I mean....striving to splay open ?

I've grown lots of lumbo over the years but never in the heat and sun that I have available to me now. They never looked as dense as these plants even though they seemed dense to me at the time.

What I'm getting at it...being equatorial in nature perhaps more light and heat will cut down the stretch ?
I know it sounds the reverse from how we all grow indoors (enough light and keeping the heat down)....but these plants were never acclimated to 75-80F...they love heat and I'm talking it's 102F here today and the plants have those praying leaves wanting more...more...more.
It's kinda fun to see the tops follow the sun thruout a days traverse...just like sunflowers.

Anyway, just maybe an idea for a future run.


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~ 11 weeks

Aloha, Sensient, and thanks for the props. N2, I think these plants will like heat more than they do cold. My New England basement temp is only now inching up towards 70F, and the plants are definitely happier. I wish I could grow sativas outdoors or in a greenhouse, it really is a lot of work indoors.

I only took one pic last night when I pulled the puntodorado girls out of the tent to look them over. The aromas are now coming into their own. Definitely lime, with some earthiness and light floral fragrances. So completely unlike the stinky OG and chem stuff that's so prevalent, really beautiful and complex sativa aromas. The relative flowering speed of these plants can now be discerned; PD10 is definitely the fastest, and looks like it will finish in week 14 or 15 based on darkening pistils and cloudy trichs. I started flushing it last night and it will get nothing other than dehumidifer water from now on. PD6 isn't too far behind PD10; maybe a 15-16 week plant. She's also getting only water from here on. The picture below is PD6 at F78. The remaining girls are still shooting snow-white pistils and are going to go 18+ weeks. I'm at 10.5/14.5 light cycle now and am reducing light by 15 minutes per week.



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Typos suck. 12/12 for first 5 weeks. Then 11/13 for four weeks. Then began reduced light cycle 15 minutes every week. I'm at 10.5/13.5 currently. I'll stop reducing the light cycle when it gets down to 8/16.


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PD10 turned out to be a fast plant; I chopped it at 12.5 weeks. Here's a pic right before the chop...

PD10 F88.jpg

PD10 cola F88.jpg

I also harvested some of the seeded branches. After line drying for a while, I have harvested some F2 seeds as well as some F2 backcross seeds. A little bit of the frozen '78 CG pollen took , and I got several seeds of the bx from each plant.

PD6 bx 78CG seeds.jpg

Meanwhile, back in the tent, we have some primal sativa bud structures going on...

PD6 cola1 F86.jpg

The new photo upload feature works great. Big time-saver.
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A word on the aromas and what I'm seeing in this cross. The smells are amazing, louder than I expected, and more dank and complex than I can adequately put into words. Definitely lime/citrus is the first thing that comes to mind. Slightly sweet floral background. Then the complex mixtures of aromatics...earthy, coffee, spicy, incense. Last night I opened a ziplock bag into which I had tossed a few de-seeded buds from PD6. I immediately got a whiff of dankness, and that's exactly what the GF said a moment later when she walked by. Common aroma themes, but diversity in how different phenos express them. The punto rojo mom did not express the diversity or complexity of these aromas...they must come from the Colombian gold side of the cross.

I've also had the opportunity to do some very early sampling of the puntodorado herb. I'm sampling the lower buds I harvested for seeds. So far have sampled PD1, PD6 and PD10. Obviously very early for a proper smoke report, and I won't touch on the tastes until after curing, but I think the effects are representative of what I can expect. As I hoped, the puntodorado is giving me an excellent old-school sativa high. The high is all in the head with no body, and a super easy come down. Euphoric. After the first two puffs of PD10, I had such a euphoric rush that I got goose bumps on the back of my neck. Goose bumps of joy and happiness. As the high comes on it set's one's mind to thinking from a new, psychedelic perspective. Visual and music enhancement. Really extraordinary herb. And it will only get better.


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Coolomatic brah! I too am jazzed at the ease of photo upload! No excuse not to upload those sexy pics now.
More importantly, I love the cactus look of that sat!




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Thanks for stopping by Musashi, Fish and PMB. I know you guys share the sativa love!

Just a quick shot of the remaining girls. I've harvested four seeded branches off each plant (4 each x PD5, x PD4, x 78CG, x PRM), and the canopy has thinned out a bit. Lots of beautiful ripening sativa buds. The preliminary smoke tests give them all high marks, with PD1 and PD6 at the top of the heap. PD1 is all white pistils and looks to be a 20-week plant. PD2 still hasn't been smoked, and she has the most interesting terp profile to me. I smoked a brisket and shared it with my kids for Father's Day yesterday, and also shared some recently dried PD10 with them and they were amazed at the potency and the quality of the effect. They say it's definitely more potent than my other Colombians, and this was from an uncured 12.5 week plant. Nobody took more than two or three tokes, and we all enjoyed our time together. I'm so blessed. Really excellent herb all around, and the best is yet to come.

PD colas F93.jpg


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Aloha Marcus!

Nice to see this grow coming along. A great job! Sativas have always been my favorite kind of high, it is what I grew up with. Love the thin leaf! And we are fortunate to have you sharing this experience with us for sure. Assume humidity better controlled? How might your yield compare to your last grow? And one last question, you mentioned smoking some brisket; how does it compare to the PD? :ROFLMAO:
If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy she won't be amazing... One love brah!



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~14 weeks

Thanks Musashi...I also grew up on these long-flowering sativas from Mexico and Colombia. I love to grow this stuff because it simply can't be found anywhere else. Just wish I could do it outdoors as God intended. Humidity is firmly under control at 45% RH. Makes quick work of drying seeds and buds. Looks like yield will be on par with my last sativa grow, probably around 3 oz per plant.

The plants are moving along nicely. The light cycle is now 10/14 and I've decided that will stay for the duration. I started flushing all of the remaining girls last week. So we're closing in on the home stretch, with about 4-6 weeks left.

PD1 looks to be a 20-week plant. Gorgeous ropey bud structure, and the colas are covered with white pistils and dreadlocks of stacked calyxes. It will probably also be the best yielder. I've found a couple nanners on this plant in the last week or two.

PD1 F99.jpg

PD1 cola1F99.jpg

PD1 cola2 F99.jpg

PD2 has really unique aromas...I'm getting hints of coffee and sandalwood after the initial lime-fuel aromas subside. It needs a few more weeks.

PD2 F99.jpg

PD2 cola F99.jpg

PD6 should be ready for harvest soon at around 15-16 weeks. She's been flushed with dehumidifier water for three weeks now, and most of the fans have yellowed. She also has really unique aromas and a classic sativa stacked calyx bud structure.

PD6 F99.jpg

PD6 cola1 F99.jpg

PD6 cola2 F99.jpg

PD9 has lost her red pistils. She still looks most like mom in bud structure.

PD9 F99.jpg

PD9 cola F99.jpg