sample flowers from today.


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IMO, the best gnat trap is a small glass w/ apple cider vinegar and a couple drops of the green unscented palomolive soap(to break surface tension, its a drowning trap). w/ a yellow sticky trap hung above it, preferably from a plant branch or bamboo stake so it is always above the scented trap, on the soil. Xantham Gum, a Food additive, can be added to your water to help smother their larvae. adding predatory soil mites to your lawn and garden beds starts pushing their happy habitat farther from your grow space.
very nice lookin bud for having problems!


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Well done man.. there’s actually a company, growstone, lol, only thing that’s scientifically proven (if that means anything to you, probably shouldn’t) to stop gnats.. Gnatnix, 100%recycled product apparently. Its glass.. I’ve had one bag for years, I reuse.. it’s a top dressing, that I apply over garden matting to keep separate from the medium, keeps it clean for reuse... Thinking what I just wrote, hopefully they still around, I got this years ago, lol.. I’m sure other company’s would have jumped onto it also.. especially with the gnat infestered bags of medium being sold


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i will post pics on the weekend of the tops, next round is the bruce banner 3 x kali mist f1 seeds i started 6weeks ago, i planted 150 sprouts today, itching for warmer weather lol.


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Someone on here mentioned scalding your coco beforehand with hot water kills the gnats.
I've yet to try, but it makes sense. Also mentioned, was that (3% ?) hydrogen peroxide
foliar spraying will deal with any pm issues, and that I can vouch for.