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Looks like a slight tip burn....normal in my opinion, see what looks like some minor claw , again looks ok from the pic presented but a better pic would be beneficial.


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I will update when they get droopy tonight at end of light cycle

they always look good for the first 10hrs of 12/12

I almost think it’s underwatering as I gave all the plants 2x the water last night I have been using…if they stay like they look now maybe I wasn’t giving them enough water
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I agree with @Skunkerbudz and @quinxstar, they appear to be thriving. Tip your pots to determine water content. If they are light, water may be needed but if they are reasonably heavy it may not be a hydrostatic problem.
It is known that plants do follow a circadian rhythm "tuned to Earth’s 24-hour light-dark cycle, which they maintain even if they’re kept in light fulltime..." "Circadian rhythm in certain plants also determines when they launch chemical defenses against predators." Indeed, plants go through physiological changes during each stage of the day. When they are not photosynthesizing, they are metabolizing, delivering glucose throughout the plant and growing through the release of auxins at this time. During this sleep phase, branches relax and leaves droop. IME, I have observed this in my plants.
All of nature is in tune with our sun.



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These guys will probably verify that I'm usually the one that sees problems in plants on this site thru pics posted.
I'm seeing no issues and in fact they appear quite healthy and happy.
Don't change anything for some perceived issue that you think you're having, keep doing what you're doing and the plants will continue to thrive.
Glad you figured out the white balance on your cellphone....easier to see w/o the yellowed out haze a HPS makes.