One Lonely Nordle


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Hi Dawn,i like the look of that nordle you have there:)
Sounds like you did a bit of work and needed some paitence to get it going ,but im sure you will be rewarded very well indeed....
Lookin foward to see the results! cheers AB

Space Toker

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If I didn't number my plants wrong, and that is a distinct possibility, I have had at least 3 of 10 seeds turn into beautiful ladies at least a couple purplish. I don't think you will be disappointed!


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Ah Space Toker, not disappointed at all! I had to pull the Nordle a bit early due to rippers. Even so it is a fantastic plant. Smoke is smooth and tasty. Smells good and the effect is calming/relaxing. Good for muscle tension. Doesn't knock you out but sleep is restful and wake up refreshed. Smell in late bloom was sweet like cotton candy. Too bad I had to pick early. I am ordering more Nordle for next year.