Odor scrubbing in larger room question


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I’ve been using a tent and using a carbon filter as long as doors are closed and keeping negative pressure in it so that all the air in tent goes through the filter before exhausted I have no issues with odor.

I’m upsizing and I’m not sure if attempting to scrub a room may end up more work and cost than just buying a bigger tent.

I’d have to frame up a smaller area,make a door,line walls with orca film or use paneling that’s used in bath and shower rooms.

Medical is legal in my state now but I still want to keep grow stealth.

If you have used big tents and built your own room,could you give your experience.
Did you build a room and think tents were a better way or should have built a room to start out?
Prices of tents have plummeted.I can get a good 8 by 8 tent for 300-350.00.