Northern Kush (NL5/Hz x Master Kush) & CBD Critical Mass


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Now some conclusion for my todays 5 posts :)

I had to take away one plant, reason is space as you can see...
-The photo included is actuall tent right now-
So the male plant have to go outside..

Plants does have slight differences as you can see, the structure is overall really bushy, just NK3 is more of a one stick, the leafs differs more, NK1 100% indy, NK4 more sative, NK2/3 11tiped hybrid beauties. The colors are lights? like NL? that why it is called NL or are theese colors because of my space? :) I really love them, green mixed with dark green.
The smells on opening the tent are something to eat... Delicious coffee, subtly-afghanish, fresh smells.

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Yesterday I had to repot, as the square pots got sides open, and I saw some eggs layd over there.. After lifting plants from pots that was a disaster awaiting, glad I made it at time!
So some therapy was done to the roots as I dont like to wash over with H2O2, I used repoting with some damage to the sites where eggs were and also some roots rubing -> so some leafs got caught unprepared...

Atleast plants did get a bigger 3gallon pots.

On the other hand, you can see how big they are now... From around 40-45 cm (47 for CBDCM) they jumped straight into some 45-50 (55 CBD CM)

The preflowers are showing everywhere, and off course the last to show flower NK4 is bringing something to the table.. I will show on weekend, but ist preflowers are kinda brighter than others. But overall all plants are doing great so far..

edit: Oh, and I have to say, CBD Critical Mass is really thirsty plant !!! It dries up 1l of water in one and half day !! Other plants are still heavy :)
edit2: every NK plant recieved some plastic ties to get some stretch for side branches, I hope you can see..

I will again repost on every single plant separated on weekend ;)

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Again finishing off some new posts above ;)

LEDs were switched on 200W
2week of preflower time and buds are poping..
Soon some buds photos starts appearing ;)

Plants leach water and bio nutes quite well, the repotting have mastered out awfull flies so no more damage.
Hope it will go in right direction till the end :)

So, everyone, enjoy new year :)



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So the plants stopped the stretching phase, they are all somewhat same...

I moved the light a bit, so the tops are exactly 30cm away from light source, only in last part of flowering I will put the light at 40cm and turn it on max 250W power.

Bud sites are developing quite nicely, CBD CM and NK2 are fastest, NK3 is second in that, then NK4 is quite slower...

Will tell more shortly :)

Today just some photos :)

-Oh, and btw, the male plant died, Iam sad that I didnt repot it as every plant else, and whole pot turned out to be one infestation pit :(

-I had made some cutings for safekeeping, most off them will go to safeguard in my friends place
-Two cuts off wich Iam spraying with 30ppm CS, just to try it out now without male.. I dont like that, but I wont be able to do cuts to my sick friend this year, so I will give him some feminized CBDs and will try theese if it goes OK for him.

CBD CM / NK4 / NK3 / NK2

low but fresh smell - she become my star
68 cm


low but sweet smell - definetly favorite thru whole grow so far
62 cm


no smell at all - again I hope she will show something
64 cm


low Affie smells - promising medicine and very interesting plant
70 cm

CBD CM.jpg
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Iam here with some more photos..
actually more accurate color ones

NK4 / NK3 / NK2 / CBD CM

To tell you, the smell from tent is overall very gentle, the Critical mass is smelliest from the pack, but not overpowered.. Pretty mouthwatering smells right now !!

Flowering is good and even between NKs, CM is going for big buds as can be seen already !
I have added a litlle bit of N to watering, CM and NK4 has been given more.

grow more towards sativa hybrid
nice budding sites from up to bottom
nice bushy structure
nice dark green - to blueish colors
11 fingered leafs
blossom-kushy smells - discrete fragrance

grow more towards indica
nice budding sites from up to bottom
started bushing later than NK2, yet still have same bush character
nice dark green - to blueish colors
11 fingered leafs
more blossom + sweet smells - still discrete fragrance

grow more like sativa
smaller and slower budding sites
nice bushy structure
less color hue than NK2 @ NK3
no smell at all right now

growed more like sativa like description says
pretty fast and big budding sites with trichomes all over the place
nice bush with very long branches
normal to pale green colors - very water and N hungry
sweet afghani smell - low to normal fragrance


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flowering around WEEK 4 ending
-based on 1st preflowers (-5 days for NK4 & CBD CM)-

I will post new pics, as plants are really budding out.
Only NK4 is slow, but everything else is becoming sugar candied right now... Best in this department is CBD CM off course, followed by NK3 and short behind is NK2.

Smells are overall really low, if there wasnt CBD CM there will be no need to get carbon scrubber on...

I will again post about each plant on its ownall.jpg
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we will start with CBD Critical mass

- this plant have very, but really very sweet smells of afghan mixed a bit with fruity skunks - tasty one for sure !
- height is some 75 cm (so stretch phase has definetly stopped)
- it is very sturdy plant, eats lot of nutes in heavy loads of water, the plant can really drink a lot of water in short time
- the bud sites are definetly huge, lots of trichomes on buds, lot all over the leafs

Really some tasty looking plant so far !

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next is the star Northern Kush 2

- all off NKs got this flowers smells, and this plant got exactly that smell, when you close your eyes and smell it a bit, you can literally pick flowers for your gf!
- height is 75 cm (so strecht phase has stopped here)
- nice branchy plant, very-very-sturdy, all you trow at this plant, she will endure, got the best dark green-slightly bluish spectre colors, all the leafs are healthy, even the lower ones, no leaf pruning was made on this plant also
- the bud sites are bulking and trichomes are developing quite nicely

Id say, she is star and will make a great contest with the NK3 once harvested

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Northern Kush 3

- best expression of flower shop smells, theese are really loud, it is really like fresh spicy roses or some other sort of flowers for girls :)
- height is 78 cm (so stretch phase has stopped even here)
- nice branchy plant, got dark green-slightly bluish spectre colors, all the leafs are healthy, but the lower ones had to be pruned a bit, it is fine since, so sturdy plant again
- the bud sites are bulking more and even trichomes are produced faster then NK2

for me, this is favorite from start, and I now see, I got it in my eye,,,.. Because, still, she really looks like my favorite !


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next is the star Northern Kush 4

- also here, we have some smell at least, and again flowers :D
- height is 85 cm (so still a bit stretch over time)
- litlle lanky plant, yet branchy in lower parts, got some lime green colors, the leafs got to be pruned in lower parts, so she was ready for taking pics
- the bud sites are developing slowest and trichomes are still not developing here

I will be giving close eye on this girl, wonder what awaits next in her

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Some actuallizations incoming :)

The smells are finally evolving, still not that much, but pleasure and flavourfull...
Its such a nice kushy sweet parfoume :)

Also trichs are coming along nicely, added wormcasts and bat guano to top of soil.

That NK3 is killing it guys, Iam gonna put clone to my own safeguarding !


affie+citric+sweet smells
huge trich coverage



kushy-dank-flower smells



best sweet-spicy-fresh-flower smells
trichs coverage ongoing ++
biggest buds from the hunt so far



flower smells already developing to osme discrete but noticable levels
trichoming just begun

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