NL5xAfghan 2021

Hi everyone,

I am marihuana gangster and usually I post in this forum under a different account and will be using this one only for grow reports. I chose the name because repressive laws in my country make me feel like a gangster when practicing my hobby (eventhough I m not a gangster).
So to kick it off, I just completed a grow of NL5xAfghan which I will report on here. First a few words on my setup:

Grow space: 0.6m2
Lights: Viparspectra p2000 (200W LED)
Soil: Canna light mix
Fertilizer: organic mix with seabird guano (9-9-6) as top dressing
Additionally a nutrient solution at EC=1.5 and pH=6.2

This run will be the search for a mother, meaning many plants in tiny pots (9x9x10cm). Popped 18 seeds of NL5xAfghan and 18 seeds germinated. Big up to shantibaba for this exceptional success rate 👍.
This will not be a complete grow log but I will show some pictures before harvest and will try to describe the phenos and the smells I got.

Pictures coming soon. . .

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Here is a pic a few weeks after germination. The plants are very consistent with only one runt showing. Alltogether there are no big differences regarding appearance in the vegetative state although there are some plants that have wider leaves than others. The growth rate is fairly consistent resulting in an even canopy. One of them was variegated but only on one leaf and this disappeared later on. I would say big up to shantibaba again for the consistency in this strain, never had anythin that consistent yet ... I am very pleased with these top notch genetics.

NL5xAfghan group.jpg
So lets get to the interesting part. Before flowering the plants were numbered from 1-18 and I took two clones of each. After 1-2 weeks sex showed and plants nr 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 13 and 18 were males resulting in 55.5% of the plants being females. Males were culled but the clones were kept for later evaluation. The 10 females were flowered out in 9x9x10cm pots until harvest.

So what different phenos did I see?

First a picture of the whole bunch one day before harvest (not the best one ... I know) They all have two tops.


As already mentioned the plants were quite consistent in appearance even throughout flowering. The only difference was that some were taller and some were smaller. Considering the buds, there were mainly two types of buds as @musashi already mentioned in his grow report, those with domed tips and those with pointed tips. The bud structure was not related to the plant height giving all sorts of combinations. Only one of them (nr7) had weired kind of buds, with many and very thin pistils. never saw this before. Some plants also had some slight purple hues but most of them did not. Also the purple was only on the leaves and not on the calyxes.

Mainly I had two types of smells which also mixed a bit in some phenos but all of them had some earthiness. Then there were some that had a kind of hashy smell with a fresh and minty touch to it. The others smelled very fruity with a bit skunk in it. I think it was @musashi who described it as deep fruity smell of overripe fruits and I can only confirm this. I did not really get fresh berry smells, it was more like a chemical berry flavor like those purple popsicles or the purple skittles. The smell was not related to the bud structure as there were pointed and domed types that both had this fruitiness to them. Then there were those that exhibited a lot of smell and some that barely smelled at all.

Yield and finishing time
As always, some yielded more than others and the one that yielded most was the one that smelled least. I harvested all the plants on day 56 after flip to 12/12, that is the last day of week 8. Some were more ripe than others but all of them were ready enough to harvest. So far they are not dry yet so I cannot say anything about the final yield or about how they consume.

Detailed pictures of every female will follow soon ....