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Hello everyone,,
i have had the pleasure to grow out:
black widow, motovation, chrystal, burmese kush, bubble gum, smile, la blanka, mataro blue, bcn diesel, super silver haze, super lemon haze, vanilla kush, kaboom, s.a.g.e, snow cap (clone), cheese quake, pineapple, big band, pineapple dynamite, third dimension, vortex, ace of spades, hindu kush, oregon pinot noir, s.a.g.e. n' sour, and white russian.

i have created several strains.

'kaboom x super lemon haze' is lemon head

('bubble gum x cali orange bud) x vanilla kush' called cream or dream sickle for it tastes like a orange cream sickle

'pineapple x vanilla kush' i call it trop, case the taste reminds me of the tropics. till a proper name comes. anyway.

'ace of spades x cheese quake' i would like to re cross the aos with the bcs but if i cant get a cut then i will pick the most bcs aos phenos and bx them til i have what i want. so, it will be
('ace of spades bx x ace of spades) x cheese quake' i dont have a name yet just project one.(note) now called project two.
project one is 'plush berry x cheese quake' and ('plush berry bx x plush berry) x cheese quake' and 'plush berry bx x cheese quake' it sounds perfect for me.

i also want to get a cbd white widow that's 1 to 1 in thc and cbd and cross it with a black widow to raise the thc but try to retain the high cbd count for medical reasons.

'chocolope x black widow' named 'white chocolatelope' for now...

in veg got:

blue cheese
pineapple chunk
rockster's cheese
super lemon haze
third dimension
white shark
cheese quake

ill share pics soon. on this site more into learning.
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