More Tonkin, Less Honkin.


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Howdy. Putting sweat stains and thorn wholes in my GDU.
Kerala. TRSC. Old stock.

High Biscus. Coastal seeds.

2 more High Biscus.

The Doors. MNS.

Afghan Haze. MNS.

SkunkHz x AfghanHz. MNS.

Scavengers Daughter. Rare Dankness.

Sannies Jack F9, left. Skunk Haze, MNS, right.

Sweet Skunk. Peak BC.

Mango Haze. MNS.

Flo. DJ Short.

Another Flo.

Devil. MNS.

Not all the same age. No sex on any. Some are for stud because they won’t finish in time or the spot doesn’t get enough light late in the season. A few babies left to go out, will add them after they do. Stay up y’all.


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Aloha S&G!

Hats off, quite a diverse selection brah! And to hell with this BS martial law!! Be safe braddah!



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Good luck! My last gorilla grow didn't make it until my first watering trip. I hope you are way more successful. :D


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Thanks to you all for saying hi.

These two went out today, and are the size of all my plants I transplant. Any bigger and I figure if I’m pulled over that I can’t cull and roll them into nothing before the cops run up and club me.
Super Skunk BX from AK Bean Brains bottom, another Skunk Haze from MNS top.

Please everyone feel free to post anything of interest here. Most of these beauties will resemble hammered crap by fall, so don’t be shy. Anybody see anything they can help with please pipe up. Best to all
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Hi All

You know watching this thread it made me remember in all ways my guerilla grow days in Uki State forest in NSW....snakes, spiders, mosquitos that you hear sucking your blood, and so many other pests...did not even worry about man in those days, well not until the helicopters began. Wow seems like another lifetime.

Anyway be safe, and best of luck with all....Shantibaba


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Shanti, my friend, I hope the fires last year in OZ left some of your nostalgic forest standing. Maybe we can use all the eradication money/man-power for a higher purpose, better fire management for instance.
Helicopters are a sore subject for me. As a soldier the sound of a helicopter always meant help was coming. Medivac’s, resupplies/reinforcements, and even close air support. Now when I hear them I’m the one running for cover. So sad.

Durban F3. AK Bean Brains
Only a few plants left to catalogue. Soon come.

ASH,left. Mango Hz, right.

That should be about it till updates next month. They only come off the list from here on out.
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Quinxstar, good to see you mate, I can’t wait to see that Hawaii x Skunk outdoors this year. You’ve always got great plants.

Musashi, mi amigo, I appreciate the well wishes. Let’s see if I can do better than last years bungle in the jungle

HashishThe Dr34m, I dream of hash too. Welcome along.

RZA, Bobby Boulders, what’s up my friend? I need to get one of those hats. Glad to hear you got some plants in the ground this year.

Alicakes, good buddy, I appreciate the luck. Guerrila is a tough lot. I have to harden myself before I visit a site against the possibility that the plane has crashed into the mtn.

Marcus, my man. I appreciate your love and passion for good Sativas. Me, I love Steely Dan. “The Quer-vo Gold, The fine Colom-bian, make tonight a wonderful thing..”

First the bad news. So far I’ve lost:
Both Afghan Haze, flood.
Sannie’s Jack and hole mate Skunk Hz, flood.
Scavenger’s Daughter, flood.
Mango Haze, the lonesome one, 4 legger.
Sweet Skunks, 4 legger.
Please hold all condolences until the end of the season. We’re just getting warmed up.

Good news,

Kerala. Some 4 legger topped it a while ago. Thank Allah for the cage. Smells like cury. Very flexible. No sex

High Biscus 1&2. I supercropped these two away from each other, they are growing great and smell strongly of fine herb. No sex.
The 2 that are not in a cage are missing this update as they are planted in a location that allows few to no check ups. Hopefully they’re happy as well.

Skunk Hz x Afghan Hz. (Angel thighs). Growing great.

The Doors. The plant on the left is female and actively flowering, no sex on the right. August doobie? They are in dappled sun most of the day, grown for breeding purposes.

Flo #1. Really sturdy. I supercropped last time but it didn’t adjust course at all. No sex.

Flo #2. Little slower than #1. I was mad at Flo #1 not responding to LST, so I supercropped this one so hard last time I thought I killed her. Showing female preflowers.

Devil. I had thinned to one, and it went male on me. I replaced him with a U2 baby.

ASH left, Mango Hz right. Both look a little waterlogged. But alive.

Durban F3. Only one left. No idea what happened to its hole mate. No stem or anything. This one is a girl.

The only other plants I haven’t got to check on is the location with Super Skunk Bx and Skunk Hz. I’ll update them when I can.

Now I get to eat crow because I did plant a few extras to replace the casualties. Thankfully they were early enough I could get plants out before it’s too hot/humid.
Some Pink Floyd, U2, and another Scavengers Daughter. I’ll spare you the baby pics, hopefully they’ll be with us for next months update. Take care.


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bad news for lost plants should hope others do well

for me it's not terrible I had a hard time trying to germinate my seeds

my plants are not in good health and we have thunderstorms with hail the season is off to a bad start i don't know what will happen


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Hey everybody, glad to be here making another report.

We’ll start with more bad news. The Skunk Haze and Super Skunk BX are both goners. I waited almost 2 months before checking on their hole. Bad move. One looked to be dug up when young, the other one non existent, no evidence. Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar eats you.

The hole with Mango Hz and ASH is no good. Something wrong with that site, poor stunted sickly growth. Abandoning that site. Cut my losses.

Plants currently living:
Kerala. Not much branching boing on, maybe I can get lucky and get a male from this one. Pepper and cloves stem rub, along with surprisingly close internodes.

High Biscus 1&2. Some g-d four legger ate the top and a branch off #1, still no sex.
#2 is showing male pre-flowers. Keeping him alive for now. Loud spicy smell surrounding these two in veg.

Skunk Hz x Afghan Hz. Hitting its stride. No sex. Love the structure. No training or pinching. I did put a long bamboo stake in the ground next to it unless it needs help later on. Pink lemonade and haze stem rub. About 6 foot tall in this pic.

Durban F3. This one is staying short and bushy. Perfect for its location (local park). Almost all the leaves have only 3 or 5 blades. It also has one big naked calyx at every node. I can’t tell if it’s vegging like this or if it’s been in preflower mode for a few weeks and this was its stretch period. Will wait and see. Metallic copper stem rub.

Flo #1. I’m impressed with this one. Strong vigorous growth, thick hollow stems, super spicy-hash stem rub. Female preflowers. Got a case of PM I’m going to have to address, as it’s gonna stay hot and steamy til mid Oct.

Flo #2. Not impressed. I might abandon this one until harvest time. This one ain’t worth doing time over.

U2. This seed was planted on May 16th. It’s looking happy with good branching early. No sex.

Scavengers Daughter #2. Also planted May 16. Little taller, not so branchy, but I super cropped before leaving. No sex.

Pink Floyd patch #1. Three plants in this hole. They are on top. The plant(s) on the bottom are what’s left of Sweet Skunk that got eaten about 30 + days ago. Slow to recover but I couldn’t tear them out.

Pink Floyd patch #2. These and PF # 1 also share the May 16 b-day. Also 3 plants in here.

I forgot to check on The Doors! Haha, I’ll update soon.
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Rockin it in the outback and I like the diversity! Takes a certain tenacity and you have it in spades. Awesome report and you have my full confidence that's for sure. Keep bringin' it brah!



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Wow ! I want to sit between these beauties and enjoy a beautiful day in the nature.
Durban F3 looks electric don't rub it too much!
Skunk Hz x Afghan Hz is my fav.



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Hey guys and squirrels, nice to see y’all, I do enjoy the company.
musashi, it’s humbling hearing good things coming from you and your experience. I appreciate the platform and the people here whom I get to know and learn from.
quinxstar, you’re right. If I can finish the season with a big bag of A+ cannabis, and a few home-made seeds, I’ll consider myself lucky.
Fish, always good to see a friend. I can share your dislike of the band U2. Shanti could of named the strain “hot garbage” and I would of liked it more. But he didn’t, and I am intrigued by it’s genetic make-up, so I grow it anyway.
HashishTheDr34m, I like that Durban too. But if I had to pick a favorite right now, it’d be the Sk Hz x Afg Hz. 😁


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Hello everyone. Only a little bad news.
The Doors are gone. I mean gone like not where I left them, and nary a sign of a struggle.
Flo # 2 is culled. It was a little too ratchet for my taste and a security risk to the other 2 plants growing better nearby. Not mad about it.

All plants are surrounded by vegetation to conceal them. Sorry if it’s hard to see. Some of the locations were in full sun when I visited. Especially sorry for those photos.

Kerala. Four legger took two of the main branches down to nubs. Pushing out at every node. Still no sex. Cloves and cinnamon smells. 5 ft.

High Biscus #1, no sex.

High Biscus #2, male. Kept alive for stud.
These two and the Kerala are on the north side of a wood line. They are getting enough light for the time being but will lose it as the suns declination sinks day by day. These holes were meant to find males which would be used and gone by Oct. Any ladies from these two varieties would not finish properly in this location. HB #3 and #4 in the swamp are still MIA.

Sk Hz x Afg Hz. Female. There’s an old saying goes something like “even the blind pig can find an acorn once in a while.” I don’t think pigs see very well in the 1st place, but I get the point. Most times I feel like the blind pig. Smell is sunshine and musk. 9ft

Durban F3. Definitely stretching last time. She’s about 5 ft tall and bushy. I’ll be glad to have a sativa plant finish in late September. Smell is acetone.

Flo. I tied her down to see if it can help with her structure in building better limbs/bud sites. Neem oil has tamed the PM for now. Spicy lavender hash smell. She’s back up to 6 ft.

U2. Female. Picking up momentum. Been super cropped a few times. Plenty of good things to say about her so far. Dark skunky/rosemary smell. 4.5 ft

Scavengers Daughter. Female. This one and U2 are about 10 feet apart with a wall of thorns between. Being super cropped and treated the same way. Smell is cedar and brown sugar. 4.5 ft

Pink Floyd #1. The patch previously labeled #1 yielded one happy female. I super cropped to open her up now that she’s alone. Smell is fruity skunk and vinegar. 5ft

The easy part is behind us. Cheers to all.