Paky One

A long time ago I decided to stop using irrigation systems.

A bit of a pain in the a** I must recognize but I do not regret it...

Sometimes I still use waterfarms but I put them into an inflatable swimming pool.

Better be safe than sorry.

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Aloha braddahs!

My dad was an electrician. He taught me about electricity by watching me accidently? stick something into a socket. Bastard! I really miss him.

Coming along great. The thread has got some great info in it. Blaze on!



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Hi. Mmm, really must try LN sometime. I'm just curious about the mirrors, and how you find them vs eg flat white. I read a long time ago (Cervantes)that a more diffuse reflection is preferable to individual points of light, so always took it as a given. Is this something else I'm doing wrong?


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Hi MNS Fam,

haloa P3Ci, Can imagine he must be shocked :p

Mister Paky, You got any pictures off that? :D could be the MedMan just hit me hard but i see funny things going on, like paky swimming along with his girls in the pool:D

Hey Musashi thats really funny you mention that. Actually It was my first experience with electrics as a kid. :rolleyes: only my dad wasnt watching me.. but he right away knew it had to be me that caused the lights go out :D I remember him comming upstair with the flashlight acusing me: what have you done? Me denying ofcourse till his light reached the outlet.. a nice black burn mark on it gave me away right away :D

Hi beauthebulldog, LN is a something you must try if you like the widow fam and like to have a special twist to it.

good quesstion! The Cervantes view on it is an old vision so to say, nowadays we know better ;) like in 2010 there was done tests on a dutch forum comparing all kinds of reflection materials. Its there where Gavita found that they have to do testing themselfs.. ive took some test info from the site

Wood reflection 735 Lux
HPS reflector 790 Lux
Diamantfoil 926 Lux
WhitePaint 947 Lux
Radiatorfoil 987 Lux
Mirrorfoil 1051 Lux
Mirror 1107 Lux

as you can see plain white isnt doing really bad, its just that there are better options. up to 17% better result is something you deff will find back in yield.
long story short the more diffuse reflection the more light reflects back to the lamp. thats all loses. Its easy to see why leds strips are so hot these days. Because of better spread of light you can get real close to canopy, so less loses to the wall.

take it easy, GreetzzZ


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Hi MNS Fam,

The start of the 7th week flowering has set in, and we are now upto realtime. I have some mixed feelings
about the grow, firstly im really excited to finally have the LN back in the garden. At the same time one
on them is throwing nanners, i`m plucking those away as i think i`m allready to late to prevent any pollen
flying around.
As some tops start to show those brown hairs now, what could also be caused by the tower ventilator that was
blowing to hard on them. Ive solved the fan issue. And now im daily checking for bananas and try to keep
ahead of them, for sure i will miss some so i have to prepare on a partly seeded crop. I hope it wont affect
the just start to flowering plants in the other side of the room. A few seeds i can live with.

that being said im stil delighted to have the LN back, also 50% of the clones rooted somehow.. lol, im happy
it worked out again. Now ive got a couple LN and SSHWidow clones. Could be a nice backup if the just started
to flowering plants are pollinated and not producing. And ofcourse the 5 seedlings are growing along side
them and are taking off nicely. Will share pics of them in one off the upcoming post.

ive been playing around with the new phone camera and satisfied with what it can do. Its a improvement on the
old one i think..

How about my skyline of weed!

what i see after entering the door..

and some off the shots i made yesterday

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Hi MNS Fam, update on the 5 newborn LaNina`s, they are about 12 days old now. All 5 look pretty healthy and the first differences between them are noticeable. The one on the lower right is the one i had my eye on.. well its growing fast, its pretty looking, so big chance its a dude.. And we all know girls dont like guys coming to fast so probably it will end up on the compost.:D

They show a litle heat stress, its not much or anything they cant overcome, Its because they sit in a high tray and ventilation is kinda blocked a bit. For now ive put the intake pipe of the tent alsmost into the tray so that they will get some fresh air and movement to grow strong before going to the flower room. At first i was afraid i started up these babys a bit to early thinking im gonna need 9,5-11 weeks to flower out the LaNina Girls in the flower room, but by the looks of the flowering girls they gonna need about 9 weeks.

And believe me am happy when i can take em down.. Its because of the one throwing nanners :( its the one in the back offcourse so i cant get to all the bannanas to pluck em out. And surely the rooted LN clones came from the nanner girl..
really keepinig my fingers crossed for the just flowering girls in other side off the room. Can only hope they dont get pollinated :eek:

But hey, thats life :rolleyes: Just go on! you all have seen the one in the round container? its a clone from the SSHW in the other side off the room. Really pleased with her as she is the best looking clone i had in a while. So thats why she can stay. Not sure yet what role she is gonna play. First got to see how her mom behaves in flower..

She is the one in the middle. And also still growing a good bit everyday. Thats a good thing as i screwed up with their containers they sit in and they got a bit rootbound at first. So they took their time to pick up after being put in the flower room still pretty small. You can see the LaNinas next to her allready start flowering so they will not fill up all my screen as they suppose to. Still i forsee the SilverWidow to fill up quite a bit so who knows it will be a green screen afterall.

CannaFish, thank you brother! its killerstuff! Ohw man you are asking the wrong person describe the smells and flavour.. Spicy :D will ask my wife if she can do an smell and flavour describtion again. ;)

take it easy! GreetzzZ
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This is really exciting to watch from my seat. Thanks for documenting this grow!! I feel like a kid again!



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Hi bb247,

Thanks brother! have a nice read :cool:

heres an wallpaper pic :D its almost candy, right?:p



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Aloha braddah Byorn!

"Don't You Know, Pump It Up
You Got To Pump It Up
Don't You Know Pump It Up
You've Got To Pump It Up"

Awesome as always in your corner.



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Musashi, thank you green Bradahh for the good vibes!! :cool::cool:

Ronin, dont be jealous brother, pm me i`ll share with ya! i know its your favourite all time..;) so have you poped any LaNinas by now? :)

PlantManBee, Thanks for the kind words bro! :cool:

Nice folks here at Mr. Nice:):)


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9th Week of Flower

One plant down, two remaining.. one will go another week and the last one is going to push it to the 11weeks me thinks.

And as always i also show the bad... Let me make this clear this = grower error caused by the tower fan next to her.

SuperSilverWidow what a vigour!! happy to have a few clones of her!

Take it easy! GreetzzZ


Kia Ora Byorn,

Is there a hole in your ceiling ? Because it looks like it's been snowing in your grow room, you better check that out.

You've got it dialed in mate, it's a shame about that 1 girl but you know what they say there is no mistakes, only lessons. I'll certainly be making sure to watch for wind stress in the future.

I love these messy foxtailing tops, looks like the girls just got out of bed :D


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10th week of flower

Thanks for dropping by Dkeppel! :):cool: not sure about that hole in the ceiling :confused: if i should keep it or not :p well dialed in i canot always say so.. like i have 3 Ph meters, i calibrated all three. Rinse them and take measurement.. what do i get? 3 different readings variating from ph4.9-6.1 :D so i ordered a new bluelab and will have to see wich one of the el cheapos was about right. :p not a biggie just got to read the plants and manage like that. The genetics are powerfull enough to cope up with some grower error. :cool:

heres the photo show ;)