Latest Auction Offerings


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Those R&R packs are the deal of the century! Awesome genetics. What’s got me looking is the Medicine Man x Afghan Haze- sounds nice. Went to bid when it was at 54. Someone instantly left me in the weeds at 80 lol.

I know the feeling. Was fixing to jump on some Mango Hz last night and it went ballistic. (y)
Then a R&R auction went for 23 euro! I was trying to log in to bid :p lol


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I think there should be some kind of Hall of Fame for auctions, where it would be milestones prizes !
Somtimes those are rocket hights :D


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Some people just hate to lose a bidding war. I've seen things go for higher than retail price for a brand new item at auctions. But these special editions are indeed a bargain at any price. That darn pop up banner has cost me a couple of bids now. I wish there were a box to check off that popup OK, I'VE GOT IT! Now leave me alone.


I'm loving the current vault specials coming up on the auctions. I need those NL5Hz X Widow in my life :love::love: Some gems to be found in there for sure
Yeah, these are two of my favourite strains and I was always thinking "if I ever ever start amateur breeding, I'd love to crossbreed these two" and then this one shows up from the freezer to the auctions list :)