LaNina, Grown In The Tropics.


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The taller pheno

Hello everyone :D little up date on LaNina !

Did selection with 10 seeds out of 20 total seeds.

Last go with LaNina was short phenos and no haze tall ones out 15 seeds, not one, just one spectacular Male that was purple all over and beautiful specimen bred to my now lost pheno MW #5 and made many seeds with together.

This time is different, much different pheno's this time, mainly Widow looking ones with allot of purple in the stems, and then the three haze pheno's that are so apparent you just can't miss them.

The one I kept was the stand out at the beginning and definitely made correct choice as it showed sex first and definitely smells different, like a candy smell, she is beautiful and became my seeded momma today.

Get ready for a continuation of this thread and spectacular pictures!

I haven't forgot you 10 feet under. 🍌🌴

RB ;)


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Now I have two LaNina Haze mommas :cool: couldn't resist, all that I read about those special haze girls.

If everything goes as planned, there will be spectacular pictures to share with you.

RB :)


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LaNina phenos to discover

Hi everyone hope all is well this new year be safe.

Anyone growing LaNina should see either an Indica pheno, Haze Sativa pheno, Widow pheno, Purple pheno, Extreme Sativa pheno.

Five phenos to be found.

First pack I germinated of 15 seeds was very dissaponting with all phenos mostly Indica, with only one Pick, a Purple male I bred to my MW #5.

This latest new pack of LaNina is impressive with all very tall and beautiful crystals.

LaNina is Spectacular!

Pictures soon.

Gorgeous 🌹



10 feet under 🌴🍌


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La Nina phenos

cant wait for the pix, thx for the info. I am looking forward to pop some of em this year as well
Pls do mention the dominant smell in the keepers you selected in the end


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Loving your work RB.
I was wondering if you have problems with drying too quickly, being in a hot location.
Do you dry 10 feet under too?


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Phenos #s 😁

Hi All, stopping by to catch up a little so sorry for the delay.
Beauthebulldog, Yes I Cure under ground and is closely monitored keeping temperatures a constant 68 degrees with 55% Humidity, so very controlled environment.

Professorjj, Hi, I have par taken with LaNina and is very good, have some jarred up and will share after a good Cure.

One keeper pheno I have is Multi Branched and was a reject when first growing her a complete Nightmare and very very difficult so was planted outside. This pheno ended up being my keeper plant out of all planted and was Dug up and Regenerated under lights worked flawlessly, all her clone cuttings rooted, so so crystally could not resist her. From Worst to Keeper so be careful what pheno you choose this one almost got away making Solid Cola.

Thanks for stopping by. ;)

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I happen to like this variety quite a bit. Refreshing to work with a skunkless plant. I have found highs that exceed SSH at times and I sure love the exotic smells. Did I mention vigor in all things Widow? Several months ago launched some Mango Widow alongside NL5/Afg and the difference in how the widow line pops and thrives is sometimes astonishing. Very impressed with this "sleeper" strain.
It's in the name braddahs! IMO, the haoles bypass this probably cuz it has a spanish name haha, yet the ones in the know give a lot of respect to this plant for many a good reason, La Nina simply rocks!
Thanks for keepin it real brah!

Cool runnin


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LaNina is Awesome !

Hi musashi, Yes most definitely! LaNina has a creeper high unlike any female I have ever smoked and very smooth. I have buds curing right now from some non keepers and they all are just amazing a few of them were extraordinary but very low yielders unlike my keeper who is a Massive producer, and all the clones root no problem. This one I kept as you know was a disaster at beginning with nutrient block, yellow leaves with crunchy ends feeding all of them the same preparing for selection. She was put outside and saw her take off making a Massive Cola and beautiful.

Those Mango Widows are another spectacular line and has a 49 day finisher in the mix that is the clearest cleanest one out of all the phenos went through and roots in sand and is all Sativa leaves, short, columbar pheno who has all thin Sativa style leaves are very mean looking the very best pheno lost in a helicopter scare 🙈 and then there was Mango Widow # 5 who was beautiful and the smoke was clear but a little foggy and Awesome at the same time. Then there are the Skunky phenos that smell so bad it drew dozens of Vultures scared me Awefull got rid of it.



RB 🌴🍌