LaNina, Grown In The Tropics.



I look forward to this one ,im sure we will see some amazing pics

Best wishes



wow Res, ur going for it mate!

I'll be following this one as well,

Good luck :)


Good luck mate , hope you find something as incredible as your fast Nevs Haze.

Donald Mallard

hey resinbud ,,
good plan man , looking foward to seeing how it goes for you l...


Nice Call

Hey resinbud,
I'm sure you will do as well with the La Nina as you did with the NHz. Best to you and great choice!:cool:-bk


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Sorry for the delay.

Hello everyone!:D

This is going to be a very special grow in a few months.

Enjoy the show to follow it is going to be spectacular!

The 18 seeds are out of the fridge.

The indoor grow has taken much time, and it has 100 feet of underground ventilation burried deep in the ground to cool the air from the lights.

This is the underground system I have dicussed with MNS members who have followed my guerilla grows from the past.

I feel much safer being 10 ft underground a major undertaking from the start and will share in the coming months. This system uses 900cfm of airflow to keep things cool using 1200 watts of lights using a HPS 600 hortilux, and a new 600 watt Blue metal halide coming soon from Hortilux.

This system has a 65 gallon water cooling tank for the air cooled system using a 2/3 hp chiller, using a 260gph water pump through an 8 inch air cooled radiator core that is Awesome cooling and will keep temperatures approximately 62 degrees while the outside temperatures are on average during the summer 96 degrees with 100% humidity most days.

This project is 60% complete but will be soon for all to enjoy as I spared No expense to make it perfect. I also added a cedar cabinet for Bud curing under air. Enjoy!


rb ;)


rb ;)
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The details below the ground!

Hi there everyone, a pleasure to have you here viewing my grow and will be epic viewing for all.

I take my growing life very serious and I treat all my plants like family members with characteristics I remember.

The underground grow room is for my own experiments and privacy was a priority.

The flower room is planned for SOG, and a total of 24 containers 8.25 x 8.25 x 7.5 will be used at 2 gallons each.

There will probably be MH along side of LN for twelve each as these have to be planted but not all of them will be planted.

The total flower room will use 1200 watts of power so should be something special to watch until done.

I sure wish that 600 watt Blue metal halide arrives to go with my 600 HPS for 1200 total watts.

Underground makes me feel secure finally for my hobby to enjoy and I hope all of you enjoy it as well. When I am down here underground with no one around but myself my spiritual side gives me great feelings of peace like God almighty has blessed me with and will do all I can to help man kind live peacefully with tranquility for all.




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Grow Room Underground

Hello Everyone!:D This is so exciting I can't wait to show all of you my underground grow room and here are a few pictures to share so you all get an idea of whats to come.

Thanks Dawn for your support of my grows and I promise your time won't be wasted following along until completed, you are someone I truly respect on this site.;)

This grow room is FLIR safe and made sure of this with special insulation and ventilation using two 450 CFM fans for a true 900 CFM that will cool the indoor grow area using a chiller for co2 control with outside air ventilation mixing with the cool air from the chiller a completely sealed enviroment 99.9% pathogen filtered air with Negative pressure a priority.

Enjoy the pictures, more to come.

Thank You for your support, now let's get started with a few pictures, I hope you enjoy them.

peace everyone, enjoy the show! ;)


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Planted all 18 seeds!

Hi there everyone:)

I decided on the whole pack at this time and two didn't come up with a few that just died for no reason ?

There are at least six that are looking GREAT!:D

I am looking for that Sativa dominate haze stench is what I am looking for even if it took awhile to finish would not matter.

There is at least three that look the most Sativa MM hopefully!:cool:

More to come in the coming weeks.


rb ;)


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Update LN

Hello everyone following this thread and now some news.

I initially started 18 seeds of Lanina hoping for a few winners in the Sativa department MM.

All of the plants were fed the same way until I made selection. soil,ph,ferts.

They that survived were grouped based on vigor and growth patterns.A,B,C

Group A is the Best, Group B second best, Group C worst based on Vigor and growth patterns.

Five LaNina' were kept in the A Group vegging and the rest are being flowered with pictures to follow soon.

One particular Lanina was in the B group and was moved to A group due to very, very strong odors from a very young age and may be a keeper?

The other four have always been the A group as the very best out of all the seeds that germinated.

It looks like the more Sativa phenos are the ones I have that show the greatest qaulities I am looking for with LN and the clear inspirational high that follows.



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I have found two Stinky Hazy Sativa Phenos.

Hi everyone,

LaNina is definately something special from what I see, and would highly recommend it to anyone.

I started with 18 seeds, with a few never coming up, a few had been eaten at tender bottom etc,etc, and now have five main phenos that are very beautiful and MASSIVE structure , columbar looks like a pole on a few.

One of the phenos has Purple stalks and stems.

Two Very,very Sativa looking ones are very promising as keepers.

Out of all 18 seeds of LaNina, One Male I have kept and very Sativa looking solid beauty, the rest were females.

The main ones I have of LaNina Smell like funky haze at a very young age, like three weeks old was rank and a beauty.

The other stinky female is every bit Sativa, and a beauty.

So many decisions, what a hard selection, Gorgeous Plants.

I look for Massive specimens and these few look Spectacular and can't wait to share them with you.


rb, ;)


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That's the most sativa looking MNS strain I've seen and sort of what I expected Mango Haze, The Doors and Nev Haze to look like. That isn't a complaint either. Just saying.

All my MNS plants have chunky leaves and haven't stretched much at all so far.

Nice looking plants.

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