Jan-Feb-Mar 2021 Bud of the Month Contest <> Submit photos here


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Post your best bud photo here and please include the strain name

1st Place: One seed pack of your choice from Mr.NiceSeeds
(subject to availability)

2nd Place: One seed pack of your choice from CBD Crew (subject to availability)

Only submit one photo from a plant you personally grew.

Do not submit a photo that was submitted in a prior contest.

If you submit more than one photo or change your photo your entries will be disqualified.

No photos from commercial breeders or seed banks allowed

Submitted photos may be copied to my BOTM album so I can create the voting thread


All strains are welcome, especially Mr.Nice/CBDCrew

Entries are due by March 31, 2021 and voting will start April 1, 2021

In the event of a tie there will be a runoff vote for the tied entries

Winners must send a pm to sales@mrnice.nl to claim their prize

Good Luck!


Mango - First Grow .jpg
This shot is from week 6 of flower from my first ever grow taken a few months ago.
Manifold/Mainline of Blimburn - Mango (but there are some G13 Labs - Pineapple Express photobombing in the back)

I had been way more excited for the 3 Pineapple express but by week 6 of flower this single Mango had me wishing I had grown a full tent of them!
I can't wait to start pheno hunting some Mango Haze / Angels Breathe / Angels Heart and eventually fill my tent with some top notch fruity genetics!

(side note: I have some video clips of the tent and the original unedited photo if proof of authenticity ends up being required. First time entering one of these but very excited to be here)