Idea for light mover,what do you think?


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Do light movers actually work?
Theory sounds good but can a moving 1000watt bulb match the yeild or get 70% of 2 1000watt bulbs can that are stationary?
If light movers do increase yield maybe using leds on timers instead of movers might increase yeild using half the current.
Strips are available now and let’s say you put 16 strips over an 8 by 4 and arrange them so 8 light up when one timer is on,the other light up when timer turns up.
There are Bluetooth timers now that can be programmed by cell phones or tablets.
I don’t think it would work using plug in the wall type timers because getting two timers in sync would be a real pain but cell phones are on internet time so syncing timers would be cake with Bluetooth timers.
Hopefully you can follow my thinking and if light movers do work I will try it using leds.
Leds light up instantly and it takes 30-40 minutes for them to get hot so room could be so much cooler.
When a led lights the heat gets transferred to heat sink and it takes heat sinks a while to heat up so I think alternating every other strip over a 4 by 8 might actually work.
if your plants can use all the light from a 1kw efficiently, then there is no reason to move it, right?

a mover would allow you to have a larger plant surface area with the same amount of lighting.
the question is, how can you use that to your benefit?
when can your plants thrive under less than ideal illumination.
what is ideal illumination?

i think it could be more useful in veg than flowering, although your vegging plants could do even better if they were lit more...
if you could yeild 60% per plant of what you normally would under constant lighting, but can grow twice as many plants, then your yield would increase based off electricity, your yield would decrease based on yield/sq'
do you have more square footage to use and are tight on electricity to spare?

led equipment/watt is expensive, and you wouldnt necessarily want to shell out for twice as much as you have to compared to what you will be using at any given time, would you?
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If hps light movers work it might be worth considering but if they worked I think more companies and people would be using them.
I watched a video on a hps light mover and it’s probably more advertising hype.