Hope thisisn't out of place.


I have seen the Mr. Nice movie at least a coupla times. One thing that piqued my curiosity was when one of men was talking about the 3 strains they used for their hash.

Naturally I wanted to know what the 3 strains are. Especially the one that would, the man says, take your head off.

Any one have any idea what the 3 strains are?

Hey, I'm a strain junkie, what can I say?? :p :)

If it's better than the Super Grass I smoked on my 1st date with Mary in '67...

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Well I would guess they are referring to the land race strain from the region the hash originated from, sorry not to have the exact answer your looking for. But I don't think they meant a specific "strain" although certain strains are predominantly ground in specific regions of the world.


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Hi MedMuser,:)

Nordle is what your seeking from MNS and is the one for creating some Great Hash, or you could see if Shantibaba has any SSH X BW is another strain specifically created for HASH.

I hope this is what your seeking in a knock out smoke, and these are it for your question asked, just not listed as a regular strain ,but may still be available if you message Shanti.

Howard Marks created the name and he is all about Hash he spoke on the phone as Nordle.


resinbud ;)
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Thanks for the replies. Appreciate the input I do.

I was just wondering if by chance any one knew the names of the 3 strains the man in the movie was talking about when he was talking to Howard's character in the movie about the 3 strains.

I thought it may be a longshot Q, but thought I'd give it a whirl.

Thanks again.