@PlantManBee ,
Nice peyote by the way. :) It's so endangered I have mostly switched to the more sustainable trichocereus type cactus. They don't have exactly the same alkaloid profile, but they are really similar and have both been used for centuries in similar ceremonies. :D
The guy I mentioned earlier also has seeds if you're ever interested in trying to repopulate an area


I hear you about the Dead being perfect for tripping... I'm from a different generation but appreciate them a lot. One of my friends in town is an old skool hippie/grower from Mendocino and he always calls Jerry "Rebbe Garcia" (rebbe = a jewish chassidic/spiritual leader).
How do you microdose? With microdots? :cool:

All faiths and no faiths should be comfortable there. I didn't "get" the Dead till I actually went to a show, then it all made sense. It's all about the people, to me anyway.

I microdose with schrooms, a piece of stem, the size of a large cannabis seed is what I'll usually do. Or cut off a sliver from LSD blotter (my favorite but rare in these parts) with nail clippers, very tiny piece.

@quinxstar ,
this my "prickly pear" ( i use the translator ) :)

i take it in portugal around 2005 not sure and in 2018 for the first time it's doing a flowers
Does the fruit get one high?


These prickly pear fruits are called sabras as well. Funny side note, Jews born in Israel are also referred to as 'sabras'... Meaning they're supposedly tough and prick(ly) on the outside but sweet on the inside... I wasn't born here so I'm the exact opposite.. I'm a prick but you don't see it immediately :D