Feminized Super Mango Haze


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Hey everyone,

I’m currently in the middle of a Super Silver Haze pheno hunt. I’ve been toying with the idea of saving my best male to male some SSH f2s seeds BUT I’m running low on space. I also like the idea of trying to make some feminized seeds... (for my own personal stash and maybe some worthy friends). I was planning to pheno hunt Mango Haze next and I’m starting to think I’d be better off crossing my favourite female phenos from each of these hunts to create some feminized, Super Mango Haze...

Would love to hear your thoughts?

Do you think this would be worth the effort or are SSH and MH already too similar?

Anyone ever cross these strains to make feminized or regular seeds? If so how did you like your results?
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SSH and mango haze are very different.
not a bad idea to try to cross them and see what you get.
using your best ssh female reversed will help you save some space instead of keeping the males.
i say go for it.
i reversed a skunk haze female and crossed it to the C5 for my own fem SSH version.


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25% Skunk, 25% Northern lights, and 50% Haze
MH =
25% NL5, 25% Skunk and 50% Haze
The skunk and nl5 sexes are reversed in the 2 strains, that is the only difference and why Shanti calls them sisters....or maybe it was cousins, something like that.
I don't recall if he lists the male first or the female first in his lineage descriptions, someone else surely knows.


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Thanks! I had read about it a little bit in the past. I was just thinking even though they’re kind of like cousins there may be some unique enough that it’d be worth experimenting.

I’ve only ever read about each strain. So this is all just theory at this point. But I think my goal for the project will be to try and find a super fruity Mango Haze that has really fun uplifting effects that on its own might be a little too intense for my preference. Then combine my favourite, (possibly an indica leaning) SSH that also has effects I enjoy and use it to calm the MH but not steal the Fruity flavour!
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@TGTDE said: "So this is all just theory at this point."

Hello TGTDE!

All great inventions have started with a simple theory! Wishing you Good Luck in achieving your goal. You could be onto something! Interested to see how this turns out! :)