Decarbing CBD

Hey everyone.
I've been using a commercial 1/100 THC/CBD oil.
Thinking to grow some Gandhi and make a tincture.
Just googled CBD tincture, and everyone says to decarb the flower
I understand why you decarb THC, to make it psychoactive.
Is it necessary to decarb CBD?
What is the difference if I make a tincture with raw flower?


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Well same for thc, you need to “release” it to make your body able to absorb it.
I would take a low temperature but take more time, preserving terpine profile.

Edit: one of my tinctures is a mix of decarbed and undecarbed flowers. If new: experiment in several jars, place it in the freezer and shake shake shake shake.
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Hello Rose and Butter!

Decarbing your CBD flower will convert the CBDA in the flower to CBD. Depending on why you are taking CBD will determine whether that is a good idea or not. As more is learned about marijuauna and it's cannabinols, more is being learned about CBDA.
CBDA has been shown to help reduce anxiety, pain, helps with seratonin production which is good for mood and sleep. It also it has the same COX-2 inhibitor behavior as NSAID drugs for tackling inflammation. It is also great for relieving nausea!

I would suggest 'Googling' a few phrases like 'marijuana cbda' and 'cbda vs cbd', and read a few articles to make an informed decision on what is best for you. As I mentioned earlier, the decision to decarb or not depends on the reason you are taking CBD. Both CBD and CBDA have many medical benefits. Read up a bit, an informed decision is often a good decision.

As @Cannalicous said, when it comes to decarbing, low and slow is best!

HTH! :)

Check out Frenchy Canoli videos on YouTube
His way of making hand rubbed hash is a low temperature decarb process that keeps it simple and raw.
Truly a special finished product.
Thanks mate.
If it was THC, I'd probably shake it with CO2, or simply blaze the flower in a pipe.
Burning whole flower certainly least healthy, but hard to beat.
I currently work in a regulated industry, and they piss test, instead of swab, so even with a THC legal prescription I'm not allowed to partake.
When I used the butter machine, I would do a long slow cook inside an oven roasting bag, and use the butter on toast with Vegemite 😋.

For the CBDa tincture, I think better to go raw, and maintain the acid form, for my needs.

Cheers for the YouTube tip.
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I caught this on another site, though have not tried yet-

High CBD strains tend to decarb a bit slower than those with high THC content so,
Decarb high CBD strains by baking them for 15-25 minutes at 300°F (149°C).
Decarb high THC strains by baking them for 10-15 minutes at 300°F (149°C).