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Hi All,

My CM is nearly ready and it has been a saga! Nearly killed the damn thing in the beginning and I had to top it because it was too tall because I turned her late due to the issues I had.

anyway long story short should I be happy?disappointed or satisfied with what I've got? Is it a keeper of should I be buying more packs and trying again?

As I said it was topped so there are several heads. So I guess I would have ad one pretty big head if I hadn't of topped but would the yield be better worse or the same?

I will be growing 2 of them for the next grow provided my cuttings don't die on me.

Please search for "CRITICAL MASS" to look at pics any comments would be greatly appreciated.

It seems to pretty indica dominant and short so it seems pretty ideal for my small grow tent . Is there typically much variation with CM? I hear that well bred strains don't have too much variation maybe 3 or 4 phenos max?

thanks for any comments

{sorry wouldn't let me post pics}



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Did you clone it ? If you did I would run it again fix the mistakes you made the first time now you are familler with it and know the plant better then judge and make your decision


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good advice kief, i will do just that.

i have cloned her, will run 2 this time, see how it goes.

to be honest the yield looks like it will be average, so maybe topping is not te way to go for this pheno.


How did she turn out? I grew her OD year BFL & she did good by me.
Did she smoke well? Good med? what are your conclusions?



I just wrote it in my own thread on the CM:

The CM was not a huge yielder for me either BUT it was by far the easiest plant to trim AND it needed close to no cure. These two factors might be part of why it is considered a cash crop as well. At least that was my conclusion.

The trim was insanely easy as the buds are very compact and there is very little foliage in between. In my case I dry-trimmed and basically just had to hold the plant by the stalk and go "against the grain" with my scissors and the few remaining leafs basically just fell off. Was done very quickly and the trim looked great. Compared to the sativa pheno of MKS I had, which foxtailed like crazy and was a huge pain to trim, it was like day and night.

The second factor was the dry/cure. I just hang dried the CM and could immediately smoke it. It wasn't harsh at all and all the terps came through the same as 2 months later after curing for that long.
Compared to the other strains I had which underwent considerable changes in the 2 months cure and really elevated some of those buds after that time.

So the CM, for me, was good for consumption after only 7 or so days of hang drying.

Might have to consider these 2 factors when looking at a "cash crop" as well.

In terms of yield, I cannot confirm that CM is above and beyond average or anything. Can confirm that it is not a small yielder though, definitely at least average. But the huge yields I cannot confirm from my small sample size and heard others that CM is actually not the hugest yielding plant out there.
Might be though that training and topping is required to get the most out of her in terms of yield.

I did neither top nor train and let it grow "naturally" to get to know it first.

Stay frosty Bros


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I have grown this strain many many times with great success. In fact I am flowring it right now. It is double the size if the G13/Haze I have with it. I am flowering them in 1 gallon containers this time as I just dont have the space. When you grow your clones make sure you give the root ball time to increase. Lots of light in veg. If you are vegging them in 2 gallon pots then when you go to flip to flower put them in 5 gallon pots, if 1 gallon take put them in 2 or 3 gallon, etc. Lots of root space makes a huge difference in production with this strain. It's OK to have it a little root bound in veg but not in flower. Mine were so big and heavy I had to tie them multiple places because they were snapping off!

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Hope this helps